VLTK Mobile – “Beautiful sister” U40 confidently registers for Miss beauty contest with thousands of beauties

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Miss Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile has officially spent more than a week on air with the heat hotter than ever. The contest aims to honor the beauty and talent of millions of female gamers participating in this game community with extremely valuable prizes.

Only after the first 1-2 days of opening the voting portal, the contest received the landing of thousands of beautiful women who registered to participate, whose beauty was mostly judged as “not the right type”. The hot girls “thousands of followers”, the pure beauty, pure or full of personality… All have created a colorful and colorful picture with a charm that is hard to refuse. Perhaps this will be an extremely difficult choice for the voting audience to find the most worthy faces.


As is known, VLTK Mobile has a huge age diversity, even players who are married, have parents or even u40, 50, are still extremely loyal gamers. main of this game. Understanding that, Miss VLTK Mobile also does not limit the age of female contestants, as long as 18 years or older can register to show their talents. Therefore, besides the young girls in their 18s and 20s, it is not uncommon for female gamers who are over 30 and 40 to be extremely excited about the first women’s playground held for the first time. this.


Typically, a female gamer named ingame Vk-Quanxi comes from the ASIAN guild – server 86 So Phung. Although she is 40 years old, she is still very confident to register to compete with thousands of other female gamers. The special thing is that the spirit is not inferior to any contestant, and above all, the spirit of responding to the contest is extremely enthusiastic. The proof is that in the introduction, the female gamer is not afraid to identify herself as “old people playing games” and ask for everyone’s support.


Maybe the beauty is not too prominent among the tens of thousands of beauties participating in this contest, but all of the above is enough to make a unique attraction of an old female gamer, but the soul is still extremely young. exposed.

That’s not why up to the present time, Vk-Quanxi has received more than 1000 votes from other players. Share your concerns on the VLTK Mobile group, “U40 is too old for a beauty contest”female gamers received countless words of encouragement, even admiration from the community.

“Game is a game and this contest is the same, for me personally, I feel very proud that I have won the love of so many brothers and sisters, that is the highest reward, not the title.” . She shared.


Round 1 of the contest will take place from August 8 to August 21, 2018, so what are you waiting for, quickly register to participate in this 1-0-2 playground because maybe you will be the winner.

More information about the contest can be found at: http://vltkm.zing.vn/su-kien/miss-vo-lam-truyen-ky-mobile/phan-thuong.html

Learn more about VLTK Mobile at:
Homepage VLTK Mobile: http://vltkm.zing.vn/
Download the game: https://go.onelink.me/Cvd7/3b2760fd
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/vltkm.zing.vn/

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