7 professional desktop sharing and remote control tools

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Want to share your Windows desktop with friends or colleagues so they can help you with technical problems? Perhaps you want to access your Windows computer from your tablet to watch movies while lying comfortably in bed? Here are the top 7 professional remote desktop and screen sharing tools that you can use to do it.

Accessing a remote computer is easier than ever, with many free remote PC tools available. Here are the best remote access and screen sharing software for Windows that you can refer to and choose to use.

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Synthesize the best screen sharing and remote computer control tool for work

Top professional desktop sharing and remote control software

1. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is probably one of the most famous 3rd party tools available today. It has been 10 years old and owns a large number of loyal users.

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– Download TeamView
– Download TeamViewer for Android
– Download TeamViewer for iPhone

It doesn’t just specialize in screen sharing and remote access. The software also allows users to transfer files between connected PCs, conduct online conferences and presentations.

By default, you need to enter a PIN to connect to someone else’s computer. However, if you normally connect to the same group of computers, you can create a group in your account, allowing one-click access.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop has the obvious drawback that both computers need the Chrome browser installed. If you’re using an alternative browser, you should look elsewhere. However, if you use Chrome and need an easy-to-setup, no-frills remote desktop tool, you won’t find a better option.

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– Download Chrome Remote Desktop
– Download Chrome Remote Desktop for Android
– Download Chrome Remote Desktop for iPhone

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store, connect 2 computers using automatically generated access codes and you can permanently link 2 computers together if you need frequent access.

Google targets software for home users who need to share a computer screen for quick troubleshooting or file access, but it lacks advanced features like some of the other options on the list. this book.

3. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is Windows’ built-in screen sharing solution. It uses Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) technology. Although Microsoft has integrated it into the operating system, it is not the best and most amazing option for screen sharing on Windows. The biggest problem with Microsoft Remote Desktop is that the RDP servers are only available on Windows Professional and later. You will not be able to connect to anyone who is using the Home version of the operating system.

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– Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Windows 10
– Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android
– Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for iPhone
– Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

New users may find the application quite difficult to set up. If you want to connect computers outside of your home network, you’ll need to know the IP address of the person you want to connect to and configure their router to accept remote desktop connections. Finally, it’s important to understand that Microsoft Remote Desktop is designed for office use, not home use. If you want to troubleshoot a family member’s PC, look elsewhere.

4. AeroAdmin

The development team behind AeroAdmin is clearly inspired by TeamViewer in terms of how the application works and the on-screen interface is similar.

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– Download AeroAdmin

However, unlike TeamViewer, it does not require installation. You just need to run the 2MB EXE file and follow the on-screen instructions. That means you can keep a copy on a USB stick and instantly provide remote access to any machine you’re sitting in front of. You can create a connection using your computer’s IP address or by sharing an automatically generated password.

You can also configure the application to work before any user logs in. As such, AeroAdmim can provide unattended access to your computer.

5. Seecreen

Seescreen is a direct competitor of AeroAdmin. It is written on Java and requires no installation or configuration. Just download the 500 KB EXE file and you will be able to share your remote screen within seconds.

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– Download Seecreen

Its feature list is almost identical to that of AeroAdmin. You can chat and have VOIP calls with colleagues, transfer files between connected computers, manage multiple user accounts, configure applications for unattended access, maintain contact lists touch and computer.

6. LiteManager

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– Download LiteManager
– Download LiteManager for Mac

Lite Manager is an underrated program that offers the same features as some expensive paid tools. Of course, the basics like file transfer and text chat are also included, but here are some of its coolest advanced features.

– Integrated RDP.
– Record screen video.
– Install remote screen sharing software.
– Network map.
– IP filtering.
– Edit Register.
– Connect 30 computers.

7. AnyDesk

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– Download AnyDesk
– Download AnyDesk for Mac
– Download AnyDesk for Linux
– Download AnyDesk for Android
– Download AnyDesk for iPhone

AnyDesk can function as a no-install program or a calculator application. Connecting 2 computers is quite simple. The client only needs the server’s AnyDesk address or alias. There’s also the option to set up unattended access, great if you want to access files remotely without having someone else use your computer.

Other features include an adjustable slider to balance connection quality with connection speed, clipboard synchronization, remote recording…

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