The female gamer who posted the piano blamed the Condor Heroes Gamota for the reason why she was FA

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So Condor Heroes – Gamota has officially opened Open Beta with the first server named Quach Tinh on January 11, 2018. Surely the game has left many impressions and emotional resonances for anyone who has experienced it. Praise – criticism and different mixed reviews are inevitable. Along with a plot that is so familiar to many swordplay lovers. Quach Tinh, Hoang Dung, Ngu Tuyet or Chau Ba Thong, etc. are all familiar characters and have been perfectly reproduced in Condor Heroes – Gamota. Thanks to this game, many gamers can relive their “intense childhood”.


Although it has only been officially released for a few days, the game also immediately “fascinated” the sisters. It can be seen that on the group of Condor Heroes, there are not only “brothers” but also many other female gamers who are extremely excited and excited to discuss the game. All factors are analyzed.


Just on the first day of its release, the Condor Heroes – Gamota was immediately stuck with a “seal” when a female gamer personally posted “just calling her name” claiming that this is the reason why until now. she’s still FA.


At the beginning, she was extremely harsh when she used quite heavy words to “curse” the game, but in the end, what happened after that made many people fall back when they learned the reason why the female gamer This woman hates the game just for “making people remember her childhood” or shaking her intention to upgrade her phone when any game that even Xiaomi Mi4 can play “smoothly”.

Then, even the characters’ fashions were taken out by her and lamented helplessly. “Oh my, it’s gorgeous and sparkling with sparkling diamonds and diamonds. Looking at Bach Da Son’s chest, he was self-deprecating. No wonder it’s still FA, the boys’ association is in the game and it’s all over the girls inside, oh my god…”.

Reading the article, many people couldn’t help but laugh at her humorous, witty, dramatic voice.

The warm reception and quite a few positive comments from a large number of players are enough to see that Hero of Condor Gamota got off to an extremely favorable and successful start. Believe that, this will be a worthy game to be in the sights of swordplay fans in the beginning of 2018!

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