Tanks VS Robots – Fight now The crazy beautiful online tank battle game on Mobile

The topic of tank battle has never been hot on Mobile when gamers have witnessed the World of Tanks Blitz, Metal Force nice Infinite Tanks roaming the mobile game village for many years. They are strong in terms of graphics and gameplay that have made gamers horny before the bloody battle scenes overwhelm the sky.

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Now gamers will have a new option for themselves, a rookie with a unique fighting style and surprisingly beautiful graphics. Yes we are talking Tanks VS Robots – The online game has officially landed on Android and iOS. If you are a player who wants to try your hand at the crazy online arena on Mobile, head straight to the bottom of the post and Download Tanks VS Robots from now on.


Talking about the gameplay of Tanks VS Robots because the game is not just about tanks and putting on a new coat compared to similar products. The mobile fortresses in the game are true to the name, which are super robots walking on four legs with cannon turrets that can move in all directions. It is because of that factor that Tanks VS Robots does not cause the feeling of crawling of the tank’s chains, but still ensures the solidity, the pit of the true killing machine.


Go deep inside Tanks VS Robots allows you to customize and upgrade your beloved chariot with tons of different categories. It can be the power of heavy artillery, the ability to quickly cool down, move speed or high maneuverability when receiving great pressure from enemy fire. But also keep in mind that if you feel like super robot legs aren’t your style, you can still choose from regular tanks, which offer even more combat styles and upgradeability.


Tanks VS Robots As mentioned, it is now officially available on Android and iOS, ready for readers to enjoy by download games for free directly here:

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