Gamers reeling because GTA 6 announcement is just a scam

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In the past few days, the gaming community has been in an uproar when Grand Theft Auto VIGTA 6notified via GTA Online – online game session of GTA 5 cult. On many routes of the game appear countless different signs with the content “GTA VI coming 2019” – GTA 6 will release in 2019 or “Pre-Order GTA VI Now!” – Pre-order GTA 6 now.


For many gamers, this is both extremely surprising information because Rockstar always known as a game company “elastic”, often making gamers have to wait a few years before releasing new games. That’s why the announcement GTA 6 right after Red Dead Redemption 2 really like a powerful knock-out for anyone who has been and is passionate about titles open world game by Rockstar.


However, the joy didn’t last long before GTA fans were soon disappointed to learn that it was all a scam. Thinking that the announcement of GTA 6 in GTA 5 proved this announcement, gamers soon discovered that it was all the result of a Game Hack. By re-modifying GTA Online, these people have made in-game signs showing information about GTA 6, and then released a series of “fake” photos on the Internet.


Not long after that, Rockstar himself posted a forum confirming that it was all a scam and that there was no announcement about GTA 6 at all. Gamers who once believed this to be true felt extremely disappointed and angry at the malicious pranks of a certain group of people. There’s nothing more frustrating than when a game I’ve been waiting for all of a sudden suddenly becomes a fake news that others take advantage of to create very childish jokes.


After this incident, we will probably have to be more careful about the information related to GTA 6. The development of the incident will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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