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When officially released Final Fantasy 15 is considered an unprecedented turning point in the history of the game series, marking a completely new direction of Square Enix with the legendary JRPG series. Therefore, it is quite understandable before the crazy fever of Mobile gamers when witnessing Square Enix’s announcement Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition, the Mini version of the blockbuster that once hit the Console.

And now.. all the waiting is officially over when Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition Just set foot on Mobile. If you can’t wait, you can go straight to the bottom of the article and start downloading the game right now.


Keeping the same action on PC/Console, Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition takes players into a whole new perspective. There the game will let you control the character from an overhead perspective, but still ensure the blood and speed combat system exactly like the original version. Along with that, all plot elements and character voiceovers are preserved, giving the feeling of a fully invested game no less than a PC/Console super product.


Besides bringing the game image back to funny chibi models that thought it would lose the quality of Final Fantasy 15, gamers were completely wrong.. The presentation of graphics in a completely new color is really attractive. guide even those who have played through the Console version.


The storm has been long and this should be the time for you to sit quietly and enjoy Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition on Mobile. So what are you waiting for without downloading right away Final Fantasy 15: Pocket Edition Free live here:

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