5 tips to quickly get acquainted with the game Zelda Link’s Awakening

5 tips on Zelda Links Awakening

Nobody wants to be shipwrecked, but there are still worse places than Koholint Island in the Zelda Link’s Awakening game for the Nintendo Switch that you might be drifting into. And here are some tips to help you quickly adapt and uncover the island’s secrets. Anyone who plays Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening for the first time or just exposed to the series of Zelda games to read is also very useful.

1. Go fishing in the game Zelda Link’s Awakening

fishing Zelda Links Awakening

One of the tourist destinations that you should visit first when setting foot on Koholint Island is the local fishing area. You can try your hand to catch the big ones here, or even have an extremely useful Fairy Bottle later. Plus, fishing is also an easy way to earn in-game money (rupees), buy items, equipment, and more.

2. Find the mysterious seashells

mystery Zelda Links Awakening

The Secret Seashell is hidden all over the island of Koholint. Once you’ve collected a decent amount, go to Seashell Mansion. Here you can exchange them for Zelda Link’s Awakening game rewards, such as the Seashell Sensor, for easier clamshell locating.

3. Speed ​​solution

Zelda Links Awakening

Once you’ve got the Pegasus Boots, go to the library in the village of Mabe to uncover a long-hidden secret. Say goodbye, here’s a little hint: Pegasus Boots helps you speed up and can crash into enemies and some kinds of obstacles.

4. Call for help

Zelda Links Awakening guide

If you are stuck in a certain part of your adventure, struggling forever and do not know what to do next, you should call old man Ulrira for suggestions. This shy gentleman is very happy to share his advice over the phone for you. However, when you went to see him in person, Ulrira didn’t say a word.

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5. Remember forget forget, already have a map

Map of Zelda Links Awakening

There are many things going on in the game, so sometimes you cannot remember some of the things you went through, even the important details needed to solve the puzzle later. Don’t worry, the in-game map function will help you keep important conversations to see when needed. You can also use it to check out key locations.

The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the Zelda game of the same name, first released in 1993 on Game Boy and loved by many gamers. On the Nintendo Switch, the game is rebuilt from scratch with a brand new, very cute, brilliant graphics coat. The soundtrack was also remixed, taking advantage of the development of next-generation hardware. Of course, all of the new content developed specifically for this release comes with it.

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