Upgrade hard drive capacity of PS4 Fat / Slim / Pro

Upgrade the hard drive capacity of the PS4 game machine

For PS4 gamers, 500GB / 1TB hard drive capacity is never enough – especially for digital “faction” or gamer copying (game copy PS4 on hacked device 5.05, 5.55 …). Not everyone likes to mount removable hard drives via USB ports to lose the delicate neatness. Fortunately, the PS4 supports the popular 2”5 hard drive of the laptop and the disassembly is extremely simple, just a few more steps to backup and restore data is completely free to do:

How to upgrade the hard drive of PS4 Fat, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

1 / Buy a 2 ” 5 inch hard drive for laptops at computer stores.

If you do not know anything, you need to go to big stores and ask them to advise the type of 2”5 laptop hard drive because the desktop PC larger than 3”5 will not fit into the Playstation 4 your.

2 / Backup Save Data PS4 games (Can be skipped if you don’t need to keep the save file)

  • Plug the USB storage device into the machine (Portable hard drive, USB …)
  • Choose to enter (Settings) machine.
  • Choose Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data in System Storage> Copy to USB Storage Device.
  • Select a title.
  • Select to check the games for which you want to backup the save file, then select [Copy].

*** To backup save files, you need to update the system to the latest firmware and log into PSN.

3 / Turn off the device, unplug the power then unplug the old hard drive from the PS4.

Depending on your device model is PS4 Fat or Slim / Pro, the disassembly position is different. After removing the old hard drive, insert the new hard drive into the tray and reinsert the PS4

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Upgrade the PS4 FAT's HDD

PS4 Fat hard drive removal location

Upgrade the PS4 Slim HDD

PS4 Slim hard drive removal location

Upgrade to ps4 pro HDD

PS4 Pro hard drive removal location

4 / Download the PS4 system installation file:

Download here About copying to USB then plugging into PS4. Turn on the machine and let the system run the software upgrade.

5 / Insert the USB backup save data into PS4 to restore the saved files (Skip if you don’t back up the save file)

  • Select (Settings)
  • Choose Application Saved Data Management> Saved Data on USB Storage Device> Copy to System Storage.
  • Select a title.
  • Click to check the save files you need to copy then select [Copy].

*** Note that the machine needs to log in PSN with the same account that you backed up to save to

So, with just a few simple steps, you can upgrade the hard drive for your PS4. The price of hard drives is getting cheaper and higher and increasing capacity to comfortably buy PSN games or install games to copy for PS4 is not too difficult.

Shop upgrade the hard drive for genuine Playstation 4 Pro

Another solution besides upgrading the hard drive is to attach a portable hard drive to the PS4, which is also quite convenient. You can refer to for details.

Wish you have a happy moment to experience the game. After upgrading the hard drive, you can buy more PS4 games or sell them at nShop to comfortably install and play.

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