The easiest way to play PS4 2 player for Newbies

How to play PS4 2 player game

Summary of how to play PS4 2 on the Playstation 4 FAT – Slim – Pro all firmware

You have a PS4 game that can be played by 2 people (see article Top 2 player PS4 games that everyone should try) but don’t know how to connect the two controllers to play together. Because when connecting in, one hand turns off, the machine only connects to the other hand. The problem is that I only log in 1 user on the machine so the machine will not receive the second controller. The way to play 2 people on a PS4 is to create another User to log in for the second controller that we can play 2 people.

The way to do it is also easy, just like when I logged into my previous User. Below is a guide to connecting 2 controllers to 2 users to play 2 players on PS4.

The easiest way to play PS4 2 player

First, we need to create a PSN account to log in to the 2nd User (Actually, this step can be skipped, but since a PS4 can create multiple accounts, creating a different PSN account on the partition is more beneficial for us in the future). For example, your User 1 is US, you can create another account like ASIA or EU.

To create a new Account, you can refer to the tutorial on creating PSN account at here.

Next, we will login the newly created Account to the new User. We do the following:

  • Connect the second controller with a USB cable, The machine will open up Menu select User, we choose “New User
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how to play ps4 2 people

  • Select Next “Create a User

create a new user to play ps4 2 people

  • The screen will go to the login terms, select “Accept” always

accept the ps4 2 player game user term

  • Press “next“to go to the login screen

sign in game play ps4 2 people

  • At this point, we will enter the email and password we created for the PSN Account above

sign in account psn how to play game ps4 2 people

  • Press “next“persist to go through some referrals upon login, then select”OK“to enter the User Menu as well

ok how to play 2 player ps4 game

  • Now we have logged into the new PSN Account

login 2nd controller to play ps4 2 player game

At this point, we have successfully logged into 2 accounts on 2 controllers. Now we will check if the 2 hands are connected to the 2 Accounts by looking at the LED on the handle, if the two hands light up 2 different color LEDs (See picture below).

led console light for PS4 2 player play

If the LED on the 2 handles is on, 2 different color lights are fine. That’s it, we can play together already !!

Test a 2-player game on PS4

We will test the game Fifa 19, after logging in and connecting two PS4 controllers then enter the game. Select the item to select the team to test it out. If the side menu displays that two different color PS4 controllers are connected, then divide them into two sides and then choose the team to play against.

how to play PS4 2 FIFA 2019

After completing all the settings such as selecting the team, formation, football field, shirt color, just go to play. If the setting is correct, we will have the arrows of the players on each team corresponding to the color of the handle we have selected.

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show how to play ps4 2 player on ps4 pro

It is done. Let’s fight !!. For other games that support 2-player play like Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Call of Duty … also choose the 1st User for the 1st controller, the 2nd User for the 2nd controller. .

Above is the most basic guide to connecting two PS4 controllers to play together on the same PS4. Although wordy but very simple, you just follow the instructions step by step is okay!

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