5 Nintendo Switch accessories you need for your upcoming holiday trip

Preparing for the upcoming vacation, surely many of us will bring a console with us to entertain our spare moments. So do you need to prepare any more Nintendo Switch accessories to keep the fun from being interrupted? Let’s check this check list together with nShop!

Essential Nintendo Switch accessories to travel long distances

Top 5 Nintendo Switch accessories should be prepared for the holiday season

1 / Travel suitcase – bring the world of Switch accessories with you

When it comes to going away, traveling, it is impossible not to mention the Travel Suitcase for Nintendo Switch. If you are just hanging around the city, is the use value of this Suitcase not “powerful” However, for long trips, it is completely a different story! Travel case for Nintendo Switch can help keep your accessories organized like:

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  • Nintendo Switch (Sure!)
  • Charger for Nintendo Switch
  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Hand-grip / Pro Controller
  • Misc space for Nintendo Switch game tapes and cables, straps, stands …

You see, everything is neat inside and you won’t have to worry about throwing accessories together. Those who travel and have fun, you can comfortably plug in a charger, output to a hotel TV or a relative’s house to play games at night!

> Product link: Click to see suitcases for Nintendo Switch at nShop

2 / Joy-con for Nintendo Switch

If you decide to go on a trip with family or friends, this is one of the genuine Nintendo Switch accessories that you should not ignore.

game nintendo switch 4 player

You can always save money when playing a Switch 2 game by separating the Joy-con pair, but maybe this is the time to consider buying a pair of Joy-con because they spend the night together. I can have more chuckles with them The game supports up to 4 people to play together like Bomberman, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Just Dance …

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Product link: Joy-con Nintendo Switch in full color

3 / USB-C charging cable for Nintendo Switch

Why do you need it USB-C charging cable While the AC Adapter has been charged? It is easy to understand that when you go out, it is mainly difficult to find an outlet to plug.

usb-c cable for Nintendo Switch

The only thing that will help you when the battery runs out is the USB-C charging cable that plugs in to charge the device through the power bank or car USB charger socket.

4 / Adapter bluetooth headset for Switch

game shop that sells Bluetooth adapters for Nintendo Switch

If you are the type of person who likes to get on the car / plane that focuses on playing games to kill time instead of talking or joking around with the people around, this Nintendo Switch accessory is relatively useful for you when using headphones. Wire: Free from entanglement, focus more on playing games to kill time and at the same time not disturb those around (Don’t like who bothered, wouldn’t bother anyone, is it reasonable?).

> Product link: Bluetooth headset adapter for Nintendo Switch

5 / Nintendo Switch tape cassette

Some of you will find that this Nintendo Switch accessory is not essential because we have a separate box for each game – why buy more ice box Again.

However, when you go out, you cannot bring it at all “Mountain” Nintendo Switch tape comes in a box due to its bulkyness. Ice box This is very compact and can hold many Nintendo Switch game cards inside so that you want to play any game, then replace the tape. No consideration should be given to which games to bring with them. The decision is simple: Bring it all !!!

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The vacation will be more enjoyable if you know the balance between game and life experience

Articles top accessories Nintendo Switch This value makes it easier for you to choose items “toy” Need extra assistance when outing. Remember, though – vacation is more fun if you know the balance between game and life experience. Do not be too addicted to the game but forget that you are experiencing vacation with family and friends! See more Nintendo Switch games that support 2-8 players to share with everyone!

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