League of Legends: Gen. Samira will be revealed next month

According to leaked information from the publisher Riot, the 151st champion is likely League of Legends, Samira will “appear first” in September to come here.

In Riot’s champion development path, next Lillia, Yone, Dr Mundo rework, do it again, Samira, the female general, from the Shurima Desert, was dubbed “Adventure sniper“promises to blow a new wind with the ability to storm instead of just” sniper “from a distance as traditional.

Female General Samira 1

According to Streamie, a Brazilian streamer, revealed her looks Samira will be a female rambo with skin Cowboy Miss Fortune. In terms of skills, she possesses the same ultimate skill Lotus of Death of the Katarina. Besides, Samira Also owns at the same time 2 weapons are guns and knives. Therefore, the attack will constantly change between the gun and the knife, where the knife is high damage in close range and the gun serves the target of long-range attack.

Female General Samira 2

About the expected time to appear, in the short term, Samira can not “launch” the gaming community right away but at least have to wait until the end of the event Continent Flowers next September, maybe the server version PBE 10.18 and officially in 10.19.

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