Tips to use 2DS, 3DS, Nintendo Switch to avoid the battery bottle everyone should know

With handheld gaming devices but Nintendo Switch, 2DS, 3DS, the fear of battery bottle is always the top issue. How should the battery be charged? How to use the best battery? How long is the battery life and is there a way to get it longer? Battery swelling, how to fix? nShop would like to share with you a little good experience about Pin. Tips on how to use Nintendo Switch, 2DS, 3DS to save the battery bottle, damage the battery most.

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Does playing games while charging reduce the battery life of 2DS, 3DS, Nintendo Switch?

This is a question that is of the utmost concern of the customer. Does playing while charging reduce the battery life of game consoles? For devices like 2DS, 3DS, Nintendo Switch, the normal battery is only 3-5 hours (Because playing games with heavy graphics will consume more battery than tablet devices, mobile devices mostly just surf the web, watch Youtube). Sudden battery depletion happens very often, and few people suffer disruptive game play. But the worry of battery bottle, machine failure always haunts the user.

Play while charging game machine

The answer is no effect. When you play while charging, the power plugged into the machine will do 2 things: 1 charge the battery and 1 the other power for you to play games. Charging may take longer when you turn off the charger. When the battery is fully charged, the electricity from the charger will not go through the battery but go directly to the source of the game console. If used for a not too long time, this will not affect the battery life. The main cause of battery damage “bottle” Mainly due to heat during use, not electricity as many people still mistakenly believe. So you can see in the manual of Nintendo, the company still said that users can rest assured while playing and charging without affecting the device.

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Charge the Battery 2DS, 3DS, Nintendo Switch properly

If you say that the technology is modern now, then you should be carefree “harmful electricity” also okay, it is a mistake. The 2DS, 3DS and Nintendo Switch game consoles use Li-ion battery technology. So when charging the device still need some notes:

  • Do not completely charge the newly charged battery, but charge it when the battery is low (For 2DS and 3DS, it will blink red continuously when the battery is almost exhausted. For Nintendo Switch the Battery icon will turn red and the battery low indicator will appear)
  • You can charge the device when the battery is less than 40%. (Even 50%) still fine. However, the charger is almost fully charged but withdrawn.
  • Use good quality charger to avoid affecting the device by no-name charger with unstable current

As for things like Charging the first 3 times for 8 hours, you can safely ignore it without notice. This is no longer true for battery technology for the past 15 years.

Preserve the battery when not playing for a long time

For gaming machines there are cases like exam season you have to put aside temporarily. There are cases that must be “break game” For several months. To preserve the battery for 2DS, 3DS and Nintendo Switch game consoles, all you need to do is remove the battery from the device. The problem is simple but few people do. The reason for being in the device for a long time not being used can lead to battery damage, battery edema or even damage to the device.

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Battery Nintendo 3DS game machineLong time not in use, should remove the battery to store separately instead of always in the machine

Therefore you should remove the battery from the device and store in a cool place indoors (Avoid hot and humid rooms). Before removing the battery, check the capacity of the battery. The best capacity is about 40-60% battery left. The battery should not be fully charged and the battery should not be depleted when removed.

How long is battery life and is there a way to last it? Can the battery be repaired?

Devices like the Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and Nintendo Switch game consoles have a battery life note of about 500 charges. If on average, you each charge each day, it will use nearly 1 and a half years. However, usually it lasts more than 2 years because not everyone is charged every day. Note that after 500 charges, the battery rolls out damaged. This only means that after about 500 charges, the battery will reduce the capacity to about 70-90% of the original capacity.

Nintendo Switch batteryWith the internal battery design, it is more dangerous to have battery swelling. You should be careful about this issue.

In some cases the battery is swollen (inflated so) besides the battery bottle (the battery can only use 5-70%). This is usually due to user usage (fully charged, continuously charged, not fully discharged) and weak good “bad luck” of electronics. Therefore many people find ways to fix the battery swelling. nShop would like to share that your only solution is to remove the battery and buy a new replacement battery.

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The battery is swollen (inflate) Up is dangerous and can explode at any time. Besides, this is the time when the electrical pulse inside the battery is most unstable, which can cause the circuit to crash, damage your game machine. So when used until the battery is only 50-60% and inflated like that, there is no reason you do not replace it but try to find a way. “fire fighting”. The battery of the Nintendo Switch is even more worrying because it is inside the machine, if inflated will push other components to cause a great impact on the machine.

If you are having problems with the battery of the game console, don’t hesitate to bring it to nShop for staff to help you!

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