5 horror games must play if you are addicted to Doki Doki Literature Club

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Wearing the shirt of a romantic dating game, Doki Doki Literature Club once made players fall back when revealing their original “psychological horror”. All the good memories, the dreamy scenes of the first half of the game have become the background to enhance the horror in the second half. That, is also the key that makes Doki Doki Literature Club make many people remember forever.


Not wearing a “cheating” jacket like Doki Doki Literature Club, the games below “reveal their essence” in front of the player’s eyes. However, to some extent, they will also give gamers the same experience as what Monika and friends used to bring.

Yume Nikki


Dream diary, a romantic name, a beautiful girl, sounds familiar right? In fact, Yume Nikki is one of the early works of Dan Salvato, the head of the development team of Doki Doki Literature Club. In the game, you will discover the dream world of Madotsuki, a melancholy girl who refuses to leave her room. The atmosphere in the game is always in a gloomy atmosphere, and it will become more and more pressurized as you explore this world, in search of something meaningful. Lonely and full of emotion, this will be a game that will make you nostalgic even after completing the game.

Night In The Woods


In the game, you will play as Mae Borowski, a girl who just dropped out of college and returned home. Despite always being supported by her friends, Mae still faces many problems, which are obviously darker than laziness. Then, a series of unexpected murders occur, and the player begins to realize that there is something wrong with this world. Over time, Mae and her friends discover that some insidious force is haunting their town. And then, the whole team decided to hit the road to give that force a battle!

Tokyo Dark


In the game, players will be playing the role of a detective to investigate a mysterious murder. In the process, the character will be lured into the selfish, cruel and pressured world behind the aura of the singers. Gradually, despair begins to cover the whole world, especially when the main character Ayami Ito also loses her sanity. At that time, the world through Ayami’s eyes is oddly presented to the player. Of course, when you understand what Ayami went through in Tokyo Dark, you can’t blame her for becoming “far from the truth”.

The Zero Escape Series


The puzzles in The Zero Escape series promise to make your brain twisted. Starting with 999, the series’ titles will follow a group of characters who are kidnapped for unknown reasons, and must solve puzzles or die. Puzzles are cunning and seem fun, but that fun is gone when you know the outcome of failure. The special feature of the game is the secrets of the characters, including their lives, intrigues and love. There are good and bad among them, but all are unusually attractive.



Writing about teenagers is always hard, but Oxenfree has completed its story perfectly. When six teenage friends join an overnight party on an island, they must confront not only crime, but also ghosts. Using a radio, characters can change to a supernatural frequency that can alter the environment and allow them to be exposed to past events. In the process of uncovering the island’s secrets, the characters and the player themselves will have to deal with a multitude of chilling events, to the point that their story could be left unfinished forever (character dies). , or gamers… take a break from the game).

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