4 tips to improve your Facebook Messenger experience

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In this article we will introduce to you 5 tips to improve the Facebook messenger experience. These are all useful suggestions, so you should not skip any tips.

1) Turn off notifications with a preset time

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In the process of using Facebook Messenger, you do not always want to receive notifications when a message arrives. Now you can set a predetermined time for the message to avoid being disturbed.

To turn off notifications with a predetermined time, go to Settings > Notifications and select the notification display time.

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2) Select messages to delete

Instead of deleting all messages, you can select individual messages to delete. Such as secret message, sensitive message, etc. To do this, press and hold the message until the button is displayed. Erase to choose.

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3) Check if the other person has read the message

Facebook has improved the way read messages are displayed. To check if the other person has read the message or not, you refer to the symbols displayed at the foot of the message. Please refer to the illustration below for more details.

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4) View or submit location information

If the other person shares location information, when you receive the message, you will immediately know. If you also want to share your location with others, go to Settingthen turn on Location up. However, this feature may consume battery power during use.

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So we have just introduced you 4 tips to improve the Facebook Messenger experience. After the reference, you will probably know more ways to make your Facebook Messenger app more interesting. In addition, we also introduce Top 5 must-have apps for Facebook Messenger. Please visit the reference for more details.

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