Borderlands 3 hits record player count despite a dozen bugs

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Last weekend, the latest sequel to the popular series Borderlands has officially launched the player. The game did not have the most smooth start when many players were not satisfied with Gearbox’s exclusivity agreement with the Epic Store. Not only that, right after its launch, the game had some technical problems that affected the player’s experience, such as not being able to run stably at 60fps or lagging when playing co-op. split-screen. Because Epic does not currently have an official forum, a large number of players have entered the forum of Borderlands 2 on Steam to discuss issues related to Borderlands 3.​


Encountered a lot of problems when deciding to release on the Epic Store instead of Steam as well as technical problems right after launch, but the title shooting game This is giving the developer “the best numbers in Gearbox history”. On his official Twitter, Randy Pitchford (Co-founder of Gearbox) shared:


According to PC Gamer’s calculations, Borderlands 3’s maximum number of online players at the time can be up to 248,000, because according to Steamcharts data, this number in Borderlands 2 is 123,596 players. Of course, these are just PC numbers, Pitchford doesn’t mention the game’s sales on consoles, but this is really an impressive start for the latest sequel to the Borderlands shooter series.​


Borderlands 3 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Google Stadia platforms, the PC version of the game is distributed exclusively on the Epic Store.​

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