The easiest way to upload photos to Canva on your computer

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Bring a Canva design to life when you know how to add images to it. Uploading photos to Canva will make your designs look more authentic, engaging, and intuitive.

Uploading images to Canva is a must, it’s boring when the design is full of text and no description. When you present on Canva, too, you should also limit the rewriting and instead have a picture that describes the content that will be easier to interpret.

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The easiest way to upload photos to Canva

The fastest guide to uploading photos to Canva

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Access Canva, login account
Step 2: Choose a design
Step 3: Click Upload => press Upload file => select a photo.

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Open a browser and go to Canva follow the link HERE
Step 2: Click Log in top right corner, account login through Google Account, Facebook or Email.

Reference: How to create a Canva account

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Step 3: Select designs which you like.

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Step 4: Press Upload => choose File upload.

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Step 5: Select image you want to upload to Canva => Click Open to upload.

How do you do it?

=> After performing the above 5 steps, you have successfully uploaded the image to Canva. Now you can Use Canva to design your CV for yourself with the most impressive style.

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Uploading images to Canva is quite simple, you can add any document or clip to make your Canva file more vivid. Especially when creating presentation slides with Canva you can insert link on Canva to make a comment for a certain term.

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