Watch Dogs: Legion was threatened by hackers to release the entire game source code right before the launch

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Watch Dogs: Legion is scheduled to debut on October 29, but a group hacker calling himself “Egregor” threatened to ruin the whole plan if Ubisoft do not meet their requirements.

As reported by ZDNet, Egregor managed to infiltrate the internal networks of both Ubisoft and Crytek and successfully steal many important data. In an email interview, Egregor confirmed that they had obtained a bunch of data related to Watch Dogs: Legion and that if Ubisoft did not satisfy Egregor’s request, the hacker group would release it all online.


To prove this is no joke, Egregor even posted about 20MB of data to their dark web last Tuesday. The hacker group claims that they are holding a lot of important things and will share the entire source code and engine of Watch Dogs: Legion if Ubisoft does not contact them soon to negotiate. At the moment, Egregor has not released any information about their request but it will most likely be a ransom.


In addition to Ubisoft, Egregor also attacked Crytek – the father of Far Cry and the consequences were even more serious. Because they have successfully installed ransomware on Crytek’s system, making it impossible for the company to access or change the data in any way. Ransomware is simply a type of malware that acts like a virus that, when it infects a computer, encrypts or prevents users from accessing their computer system and document files. The ransomware owner will then contact the victim, offering conditions for decrypting that data. Worth mentioning, this attack method has been very successful in the past, even forcing a hospital to close because of potential dangers.

Egregor not only installed ransomware on Crytek’s systems, but also distributed 300MB of confidential data related to the company’s game development division, including resources for Arena of Fate and Warface. Once again, Egregor threatened to reveal more data if Crytek refused to negotiate.

Currently, neither Ubisoft nor Crytek have any reports or comments about the data theft.​

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