Tien Vuc Mobile opens the download, “beats” gamers with the semi-real and half-virtual trailer


Download now Fairyland Mobile in: https://tievuc.onelink.me/bIVR/PR

Thus, just 1 day after launching the landing page, the MMORPG First half newest of Gamota Tien Vuc Mobile has officially opened pre-download for both Android and iOS users. This also implicitly signals that the upcoming game is only a matter of time!


Up to the present time, Tien Vu Mobile can be said to be evaluated as one of the most anticipated MMORPG titles in the early days of 2020. And because of that attraction, if NPH Gamota does not allow it. When gamers open the download first, on the launch day, it is likely that there will be a phenomenon of load congestion and loss of the quality of the gamer’s experience right from the first few seconds.


Along with that, NPH Gamota also “released the chain” for the official trailer of this 3D MMORPG with shimmering images imbued with classic fairy tales. The entire trailer is filled with perfect images that make players overwhelmed. In addition, Tien Vuc Mobile also revealed the first Vietnameseized images as a gift for gamers to ponder while waiting for the product to air.

Entering the space of the mobile game Tien Vuc Mobile, players can experience many different emotions through bloody battles to change their fate and rewrite a new ending for their own life. All are drawn on a 3D graphics platform rendered on a completely new technology, allowing arbitrary change of viewing angle, realistic and incredibly sharp.


Entering the world of Tien Vu Mobile, players will be able to choose to join 1 of 4 sects including Lieh Dao, My Luan, Kiem Tien, Van Tan – each of which has its own unique weapons and skills.
The deeper into the world of Tien Vu Mobile, the new players really understand the quintessence of the game through a unique gameplay system, with a combination of traditional activities such as state war, boss hunting…


With the information that has been revealed, Tien Vuc Mobile is receiving great attention from gamers, promising to be the most anticipated blockbuster in the early days of this year. The game has a new color, when bringing the element of the first half combined with the infinite game feature, challenging gamers to experience – both new and unique, making many gamers curious.

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