20 Crazy facts about Joker’s body – Batman’s arch-enemy (P.1)

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20. He is a martial arts master and good at contortion

Version of Joker appear in The Batman looks a bit similar to previous versions. He appears as a real clown in a straight coat with long arms. He performed the stunts dangling, turning and fighting very professionally. In this universe, Joker is truly a master of martial arts and fights alongside Batman in a one-on-one battle. He can even bend, flex his body in ways that no normal human can.


19. Joker does his own makeup

Actually the actor who plays the Joker. Most people would think of Robert Downey Jr. when it comes to Iron Man or Christopher Reeve as they think about Supermanbut when I heard about “The Joker” It is difficult to determine which of: Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Mark Hamill, or Cesar Romero is the best fit. Each of them has created their own mark for the character they embody because they are all very dedicated to the role of Joker. As Heath Ledger revealed that he made up himself to become the Joker with whatever he could find. Every day Ledger would go out to buy popular and “self-sufficient” makeup products before entering the scene.


18. Joker has lost quite a few teeth over the years

Joker must have needed a good dentist, because even in the comics there’s no way to keep his real teeth. Whenever Batman or one of the other members of the Batfamily loses their temper at the madman’s antics, they immediately feed him. And of course, after these fights, there is the image of the Joker “please stay with your teeth”. The climax of the brutality was when Barbara Gordon finally got her revenge by knocking out all of his teeth with a crowbar.


17. Joker has his spine broken by Batman

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986) is one of the greatest comic books ever told. In it, Batman returns to Gotham after a ten-year absence and the city is now overrun by criminal gangs. But of course, a good story about Batman is indispensable for the presence of the Clown Prince of Crime – Joker. The Joker appears briefly in the story and is being treated at the Arkham Asylum. However, when he heard the news of Batman’s return, Joker also returned and caused a terrible massacre. As the story climaxes, Batman finally puts an end to the Joker’s antics by knocking him over and causing the Joker to break his spine.


16. Joker was once merged with Marvel’s Sabertooth

The 90s were a really weird time for comics. Ask for a favor The Death of Superman, the entire industry almost collapsed. So publishers have had to throw everything they have out and hope one of them will come to fruition. The characters become darker and more aggressive. Some have reinvented character backgrounds, and both Marvel and DC are all trying to try and revive the industry.

The strangest of these is Amalgam Comics, a miniseries released by both Marvel and DC. In it, their characters merge together into new heroes and villains that seem to have existed for generations. In this universe, the Joker is combined with Marvel’s villain Sabertooth to become Hyena, the nemesis of the Dark Claw (a Batman and Wolverine hybrid).


15. Joker uses tattoos as souvenirs

When talking about the Joker body, it is impossible not to mention the character of Jared Leto in Suicide Squad. This version of Joker has gone from playful but evil clown to gangster crime boss complete with inclinations, gold chains and tattoos. Fans especially noticed the eye-catching tattoo on his forehead. But that’s not all. Director David Ayer confirmed that each Joker’s body tattoo tells a very specific story. For example, the image of a clown is like a “shrink” card on his body (representing his love for Harley). The scariest of these is a bird with an arrow through its chest, a reminder of what he did to Jason Todd.​


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