Create beautiful effects like taking pictures with Instagram

Instagram is known as the social network for photography. Here you can choose for yourself beautiful effects before uploading to share with friends. If you want to create a beautiful effect like taking pictures with Instagram, please refer to the content below for more details.

In the digital age, along with the development of Facebook, Instagram is also a social network that receives a lot of attention from young people and tends to develop. Here, you will share photos and videos “captured” from moments in your life. In this article, we will bring Instagram effects to your photos.

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PicYou is similar to Instagram. It is also a social network, where you can share photos, follow, add like buttons, or read comments. Besides, you can also log in through your Facebook or Twitter account, which is very convenient. If you are tired of using Instagram, try PicYou to feel the difference.

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Besides Instagram-like filters Pixlt-o-Matic also features photo editing and photo sharing capabilities. Currently, the number of users of this application is also relatively large. Presently Pixlt-o-Matic offers both an app version and a web-based version, so you can use it on both phones and computers.

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InstantRetro and Rollip

These are 2 websites that do not require users to create an account to use. Accordingly, after uploading a photo, you can choose effects and tools for immediate editing. Both applications also allow sharing to Facebook after the editing work is complete.

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Thus, with just a few small supports from the above applications, your photos are already more professional and beautiful. In fact, Instagram is an outstanding application with effects and sharing capabilities, but now even the simplest photo editing applications have these two features. Please refer to the manual register, upload photos, upload photos to Photobucket For more details.

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