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Not only creating a “big earthquake” when launching the alpha test version, but the Dragon Mark game is really attractive by thousands of great giftcodes for gamers. For those who love the Royal Dragon Seal manga, they will be quickly attracted by the plot of the Dragon Mark role-playing game – where players carry on the mission of eradicating tyranny and saving the world.

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Quickly join the events on Facebook fanpage of Dragon Mark to receive attractive gifts and do not forget to follow the instructions to enter the Dragon Seal giftcode game to open the surprise gifts just for you.

Giftcode game Dragon Seal

Video instructions to enter the game Giftcode Dragon Seal

Instructions to receive giftcode for free gift Dragon Seal game

Dragon Seal Game Mobile has officially launched with a series of giftcodes to register for beginners and common giftcodes for the entire server.

GENERAL CODE Game Dragon Seal

  • 4quacuadai4
  • 01qgd5dar4
  • quacuadai
  • quacuapop
  • quacuamarm

Delmurim Land server opening event

Like and comment on the event link: when you reach the following milestones you will receive corresponding gifts:

Gifts reaching the 5000 milestone:

  • 1,000,000 Silver buckle
  • 3 Stone chest (lock)
  • 2 Dream seeds (lock)

Gifts reaching the milestone of 8000:

  • 2,000,000 Silver buckle
  • 3 Crystal Chest (lock)
  • 1 Skill command (lock)

10000 milestone gifts:

  • 4,000,000 Silver buckle
  • 4 Crystal Chest (lock)
  • 4 Ganoderma lucidum (lock)
  • 1 Potential command (lock)

Time: By the end of 10:00 on June 8

Series of TOP racing events opened the Delmurim Land server

  • The events in the top racing event series opening the server will simultaneously start at 10:00 on June 5
  • Race Top Wealth: Ends at 10:00 10/06.
  • Race Top Diligent: Ends at 10:00 14/06.
  • Top Master Racing: Ends at 10:00 18/06.
  • Race Top Tai Phu: Ends at 10:00 22/06.
  • Race Top Family: Ends at 10:00 26/06.

After participating in the above events, if you do not receive the gift code, you can send a message to the Fanpage Admin of Dragon Mark Mobile.

How to load giftcode game Dragon Seal

Step 1:

Proceed to log in the Dragon Seal game, at the main interface, open the chat window in the game and enter the code according to the syntax: quatang “code code”.

Step 2:

Immediately after entering the game code you will receive a message: Valid gift code, please open the mailbox to receive your gift.

Your gift has been delivered at this point Mailbox.

Dragon Seal Gifts
Dragon Seal Gifts

Step 3:

Open Mailbox and select Mail system to receive your gifts.

Open gifts Dragon Seal game
Open gifts Dragon Seal game


Maximum number of messages is only 120 messages if more than the system will delete and not compensate. Remember to check and delete unnecessary messages.

Above we have instructed you how to enter the gift code when playing Dragon Seal game. Hopefully with these gift codes, you will receive an attractive and useful gift for your character.

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