Zombie Army 4 released a “bloody” trailer – Left 4 Dead is here?

Zombie Army 4 tung trailer dam mau Left 4 Dead moi chinh la day138ebe9a53c6ce48 - Emergenceingame

New trailer of Zombie Army 4 Shows the fascinating experience of confronting another wave of brutal zombies.

Rebellion released a new version of the popular 101 overview trailer, this time they focus on the title Zombie Army 4: Dead War coming soon. Shooting game Zombie co-op promises to bring many interesting things to players.

Dead War features a campaign mode for up to four players, familiar to fans of Rebellion’s B-movie presentation. The campaign will take players across Europe battling hordes of zombies, with unique enemies in each location. Horde mode also returns with more dramatic clashes thanks to larger class and level upgrades.

Regarding enemies, there are many more special types of zombies in Zombie Army 4, including zombie tanks! Dead War expands on the original version in many details, not only in the deepening progress system and more rewards.

Players can not only unlock new fashion items in 100 levels, but can also use new war skills and vehicles. At higher levels, unlocking further grants players distinct perks that can change the meta.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War launches on February 4 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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