Neymar was “banned” by Twitch because he… livestreamed his teammates’ phone numbers

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On last November 9, Neymar suddenly got Twitch ban account, although not giving a specific reason, many rumors suggest that this is the consequence that the football superstar of Paris Saint-Germain suffered after the incident. live stream. Specifically, he accidentally revealed the phone number of his Brazilian teammate Richarlison to the audience watching the livestream.​


Not only a famous player, Neymar is also a famous name in the world TwitchBrazilian superstar often livestreams CS:GO, Call of Duty as well as many other games on this platform. The incident happened during the male player’s normal stream on October 18, Neymar held up his phone in front of the camera while calling Richarlison, which of course means anyone watching the livestream can see it. see the phone number of the player who is wearing this Everton team. Richarlison then joked on Twitter that he received more than 10,000 messages within five minutes.​


It seems that Richarlison doesn’t care much about Neymar’s mistake on livestream, but with Twitch, things don’t stop there. Posting someone else’s personal information, such as addresses and phone numbers, on a livestream is a violation of Twitch’s community guidelines and terms of service. This behavior may cause streamer is suspended or banned permanently.​

Richarlison – Victim of phone number leak

Although the incident happened a couple of weeks ago, Neymar still left the video revealing Richarlison’s phone number on his channel instead of deleting it, which made him more susceptible to being penalized by Twitch. Of course, it is still not possible to 100% confirm that this is the reason why he was “banned”. Recently, a series of streamers have suffered the same fate as Neymar due to a violation of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), so it is possible that Neymar was banned not because of the phone number leak. It is temporarily unclear how long this star’s channel will be banned by Twitch.​

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