The famous Vip giant Audition was suddenly on the news with the crime of… stealing

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The fact that players are labeled “giants”, famous in the gaming community with hundreds of millions of top-ups, top Vip, showing off their money or living a luxurious life is no stranger in any gaming community. any. And with the name “giants”, these gamers can’t help but make other players admire and envy. But among them, there are also many cases, because they are too engrossed in running after the so-called vanity in that virtual world, but despite doing things that are contrary to conscience, contrary to the law in real life to have money to invest in. game, nurture the cover of “giants”, their top vip.

As recently, a similar incident is causing the human community to Audition tumultuous than ever. Accordingly, a male gamer with an ingame id of Ty1goc4, the famous character Vip Au is known by many other players. On his personal facebook page, he also regularly updates the material as well as the “huge” amount of money invested in the game. These are the things that have made the male gamer famous in Audition community long ago with the title of tycoon.​


But recently, the guy was suddenly appeared on the program “60 seconds today” on HTV7 channel on August 16 with the crime of stealing. This is really great news for the Audition community, especially gamers who are familiar with the object. The reportage is being passed by members of the Audition Prom City at breakneck speed.

Accordingly, as information in the reportage is known on the afternoon of August 15, the subject – ie Nguyen Le Bao Long was urgently arrested by the Da Lat City Criminal Police team when this young man risked his life. Breaking into the hotel to steal many properties of tourists. Total assets include nearly 10 phones of all kinds, jewelry, cash and some identification documents. Through police investigation, Long admitted to taking advantage of the heavy rain and the guests’ loopholes to sneak in and steal property. The stolen property, he put in a customer’s bag, then threw it into the roadside drainage ditch, keeping only a phone, 2 watches and a necklace. Through the inspection of the scene, the police recovered 6 phones, but 4 are still missing.


Coincidentally on the same day of the incident, on his personal Facebook page, Long also posted a picture showing off his possession of many valuable phones, watches and a large amount of cash. So many suspect that this is the entire amount of property that the guy has taken from the above theft.


The case is still being investigated and monitored by the police agency

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