Appeared “giant” of the game village, spending 23 billion just to buy rare games

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Eric Naierman is a dentist, but is quite famous in the world gaming community because of his expensive hobby – Rare game collection. To satisfy his expensive hobby, last month, he even took a plane to South Florida and paid a lot of money to bring back nearly 40 titles. old gameadd to his precious collection.


Exactly, this “giant” dentist has spent up to 1.02 million USD (more than 23 billion VND) to buy nearly 40 ancient games that are most sought after in the world. Although there are no specific statistics, but according to experts, this must be one of the “biggest” sales in the history of the gaming village. In fact, there are many gamers who have hobbies game collection rare, but not everyone can afford and is willing to spend tens of billions at a time like that.


All of these games are extremely rare and expensive, some of which are even the first editions produced, with tags still intact and very well preserved. Some names in Naierman’s collection include Mario Bros. Nintendo’s arcade version released in 1986, Golf (1985), Balloon Fight (1986), Gumshoe (1986), … “This is one of those extremely rare titles with a very high historical value” – Deniz Kahn , president and CEO of Wata Games (a company specializing in the classification and evaluation of titles) rare game) said.


It is known that Naierman first intended to collect baseball cards but failed, then he turned to collecting games. With the intention of “creating a collection of the best in the world”, Naierman will continue to shop for rare games. Currently, Naierman owns one of the most important game collections in the world, both in quantity and historical value.​

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