Being possessed by the Matrix, gamers develop non-human skills in VR games

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Do you remember the image of Neo resurrected after Trinity’s kiss in Matrix? At that time, when he witnessed the group of agents shooting wildly at him, he just calmly raised his arm and blocked the bullet’s path in the middle of the air. Seeing the scene, Morpheus had to exclaim… “He is beginning to believe..” – “He began to believe..”. And when I see gamers Ben Massey try to race against time to set a new record in super product Superhot VRyou definitely have to say the same sentence.


For those of you who don’t know, Superhot is a Matrix-style FPS game where gamers can take advantage of the ability to slow down arbitrary time. There, time only passes when the protagonist moves, letting you witness bullets hovering in the air and enemies walking even slower than turtles. Released more than a year ago, Superhot soon achieved great success thanks to an extremely creative and unique gameplay. The VR version, when launched shortly after, also continued to bring back the most intense combat in the virtual world for the gaming community.


Ben Massey chose Superhot VR to become his own “Matrix”, where he had to try out a variety of combat scenes, including close-range melee to long-range gunfight. But it is worth mentioning that when witnessing this image of this gamer racing against time, performing action sequences with crazy power and speed, anyone must think that this is the real life version of Neo.


Every move, every bullet, every melee phase of Ben shows great reflexes and high efficiency in destroying the enemy in the fastest way. Really the whole process of racing with a length of more than 8 minutes is like a fight scene in the Matrix or John Wick So.. If you don’t believe it, you can check it right here:

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