Net ‘grass’ at the resort collects exorbitant prices, urgent customers post a forum calling for a boycott

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As the “followers” of the net game all know, although this service industry has changed a lot in the past few years, compared to the price in general, there does not seem to be much change, except for some The owner wants to play “dry blood” to the end. Average for one play Station Usually, the price for an hour of internet service is around 3,000 – 5,000 VND, but with modern Cyber ​​Games, the price is slightly higher depending on the quality, can be from 7,000 to 12,000 VND, even 20,000 copper for VIP machine area, competition machine.

Spending some money to enjoy a service commensurate with its value is inherently nothing to complain about. However, for a net shop Popular “grass” costs nearly 20,000 VND / hour to play again is a very unusual thing that makes customers who accidentally come here once to be angry, determined to post a forum calling for everyone to boycott like school. below.​


It is known that this net shop is located in Cua Lo tourist area. The owner of the post during a trip to have a need to use the computer came here. But when he paid, he had to startle when he was charged up to … 38,000 VND while the two machines sat for less than an hour. On the payment machine, only 4,000 VND is recorded. Thinking there was a mistake, he asked the shop owner again and received the answer that the net price here was 17,000 VND / hour. Not accepting such exorbitant prices in a popular “grass” net shop, the customer was about to go mad to distinguish between right and wrong but was met with the challenging eyes of some young guardians around.


The photo was taken by the guest himself and shared on a facebook network forum. Obviously, the outside of this net shop is quite ordinary with a corrugated iron roof and iron doors. If it comes to the price level compared to the common ground, perhaps only 3,000 – 5,000 VND is the same, let alone the same price as a luxury Cyber ​​Game. Perhaps because it was a passing guest, this unfortunate “host” was “cut beautiful” like that.

Not to mention customers, even other net owners, after reading the post, have to express their displeasure. “This kind of snatch business won’t last long”, “It’s worth it, if you can eat human flesh, go out and stand or change another job to avoid embarrassing the net brothers”… But inside Besides, it is not surprising that I have also encountered a similar case when going to net shops near the tourist area. However, whatever you say, listing prices on one side and collecting money on the other is also unacceptable.


This is also considered as a lesson for those who travel and want to find a certain net shop to play games or use computers. Be careful and ask the price before you sit on the machine or you will end up being mercilessly “cut down”.​

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