Yakuza 0 – Super product Japanese Mafia officially broke the PC

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Finally, the game series Yakuza SEGA’s popularity also landed on PC, with the pitch of Yakuza 0 (Yakuza Zero). This sequel is offered for sale on Steam for £14.99 (about 20 dollars ~ over 600 thousand VND), or can be purchased on Voidu for 12.44 pounds.


Yakuza 0 introduced as the 6th official entry in the series (while Yakuza 6 released in 2016 is the 7th edition). The game is set in the Japanese society of the 80s, stretching from Tokyo to Osaka. At that time, Kazuma Kiryu was still young, he was involved in the murder of a commoner and was hunted by the Tojo gang.

Meanwhile, the longtime supporting character Goro finds himself in a situation where he becomes the guardian of a blind girl – a target he has to assassinate. As a result, Goro also became a hunted narrator. So far, the series has always had some tweaks on the international version, released months after the Japanese version and only available on the PlayStation.​

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Yakuza 0 offers quite a few options for gamers, including 4K resolution, frame unlock, maximum controller support and the ability to reset keys. That shows that SEGA is really serious about releasing the PC version.​

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