World of Warships releases official version on Steam

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Starting on 11/15, World of Warships start to open register early Early Access for gamers on Steam, after which the game will go into beta for several weeks.


All basic settings and servers on Steam will remain the same, but existing Wargaming accounts will not be able to migrate to the Valve platform, or may be repeatedly kicked out of the game while playing. If you create a nick for the first time or don’t mind playing again with some special Valve accessories, the Steam version of World of Warships will run smoothly as expected.


World of Warships is a naval-themed game produced by Wargaming. If World of Tanks is the battle of the armored corps alone, World of Warplanes is an air battle then World of Warships Only warships participate. Gamers play the role of powerful naval empires such as the United States Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy, Nazi Navy, … and control various types of destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and aircraft carriers. fly, join the giant battles on the ocean. You can start downloading the game here:

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