MARVEL Strike Force: a game about superheroes with a release date

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Recently FoxNext Games announced that it will cooperate with the MARVEL Entertainment ‘universe’, which is expected to release a new mobile game about superheroes named Marvel Strike Force. This is a developer that is “distantly related” to Kabam, the team that developed the MARVEL: Contest of Champions game. After Kabam was acquired by Netmarble, some members of the group separated and built a new studio with the present name. MARVEL Strike Force is also the first child of this developer.


As a mobile RPG game, the plot of the game revolves around the superheroes of the Marvel “cinema universe” with the battle against the evil guys who plot to take over the earth. Players will play the role of familiar characters such as Iron Man, Doctor Stranger, Spider-man, Capitan America, Hulk, Black Widow etc.. Besides, FoxNext also promises to bring players a game ownership. The background graphics are “cool” and will certainly not disappoint.

FoxNext also released a trailer showing the beautiful combat, whereby the producer can see the manufacturer design hero characters that are shaped like the comic version up to 99.9%, each character has a skill. different, players will unlock each character by gaining experience during the game. Players can also team up to improve combat power and destroy enemies.


Although the game will be officially released in 2018, the test version is available at the Appstore store of the New Zealand region. If you are an iOS user and have an Apple ID account in New Zealand, you can visit the website below to experience it soon.​

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