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Dragon Ball nice 7 Dragon Balls already one of the most loved names in the world with a huge fan base. However, from dull comic pages costing a few thousand to old rental tapes, Dragon Ball has contributed to breathing life into the childhoods of many generations. That’s why this name has very loyal fans, ready to dedicate their own works to the world of Dragon Ball. Yes we are talking Hyper Dragon Ball Ztitle fighting games 2D, developed by gamers, is famous in the gaming world.​


Starting the project 3 years ago, Hyper Dragon Ball Z gradually improved over time… until today when the game officially released the latest version called Champ’s Build. With this version, the game has reached an almost absolute level of quality with a lot of tweaks to help the gameplay system become more balanced. But the most important thing is that you can experience Hyper Dragon Ball Z completely for free. Yes, you did not mishear. You will not have to spend a dime to play this super cool Dragon Ball masterpiece on PC.

Currently, the installation of Hyper Dragon Ball Z is about more than 500 MB in the form of a .rar file and readers can head to the bottom of the article and download the Champ’s Build version right now.


In fact, for fans of the 2D fighting genre, the image of Hyper Dragon Ball Z has been very familiar throughout the years. Simply because this game is developed with the legendary MUGEN Engine, which is also the premise for many fanmade products that are better than the original game. With Hyper Dragon Ball Z, gamers will be accompanied by Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, Xen, Gohan and many, many other names in the world of 7 Dragon Balls. Not to mention these characters will also have different versions, such as Majin Vegeta or Goku super Sayan according to each level.​


With a colorful and stylish 2D graphic style, and it is a great fighting game that once made the boys lose sleep and eat, Hyper Dragon Ball Z will become an indispensable part for fans. fan 7 Dragon Balls. So what are you waiting for without fighting Hyper Dragon Ball Z Champ’s Build directly here:

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