Choking when PUBG gamers still sing while bullets scream around

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PUBG There is no shortage of unique moments… from gamers just lying in the bath and still winning the whole match to holding a silencer and still rolling the map. Although impressive, those moments only show the player’s skill or luck, most of which bring laughter to gamers. As for the following image, viewers will have to feel choked and even haunted by the tragic image never seen in PUBG.


There in a completely random livestream, gamers Last_Grey_Wolf found himself standing outside the circle of death and his blood was decreasing over time. But instead of focusing on the race to death, he suddenly sang the lyrics “I Will Alway Love You”. Until the words “I will love you forever” sounded, that was when Last_Grey_Wolf entered the Red Zone with the sound of bombs screaming around him. Really, that image made anyone choke up because Last_Grey_Wolf seemed to not care at all about the danger around or the firelight that was struggling in front of his eyes.. He simply wanted to sing. stop.

Readers can watch the clip at:


Witnessing that scene we can’t help but think of tragic movies where the hero will inevitably enter death.. But instead of flinching or scared, he continued to step up. Indeed such an image is not only rare in PUBG but perhaps the entire virtual world.

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