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Korea is never short of crazy super products in terms of graphics.. especially on the Mobile platform. These Dark Avengers 3, HIT nice Lineage II Revolution.. are just a few typical examples of 3D super products that blow the eyes of gamers. However.. what would you think if the writer said that there is still a game with much crazier graphics?


Yes we are talking OverHit – the latest super RPG of Nexon on Mobile platform. In this Korean game, you will have to gasp .. have to scream and cry without making a sound because of the overwhelming 3D images ready to suffocate any beauty-loving heart. Indeed, it cannot be more accurate to say that OverHit is one of the graphic masterpiece The most terrorist on Mobile at the moment.


If you don’t believe you can jump straight to the bottom of the post, get game download link and experience OverHit right now in the palm of your hand. The writer really encourages readers to enter the game, take a screenshot and show off the friend next to him to show him how terrible Mobile Game is now!


OverHit brings gamers to turn-based combat mode but still impresses with crazy moves no less than an ARPG product. The phase of kicking the enemy into the air and then sending a storm of arrows to the ground or slashing across the squad.. are just a few of the hegemonic skill sets that you can admire in OverHit.


But as said, the absolute strength and top money of OverHit is the graphics. Hold it in your hand Korean games but you think you are playing some super product on PC/Console. From the character model to the exterior, from the blushing skin to the armor showing each joint.. everything is bright in front of the player’s eyes with the most modern effects today. Yes to have all those strengths in the hands of OverHit powered by the monster Unreal Engine 4ready to take every breath of the grave.


Talking is a lot, so only by experiencing it yourself can you feel the beauty of OverHit. Therefore, what are you waiting for without downloading it for free? OverHit via the direct link below:

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