Windows 8.1 tricks users need to know

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After you upgrade Windows 8.1 from Windows 7 or Windows 8, you need to know some of these Windows 8.1 tips to quickly get used to and promote some special features on Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 operating system is a fairly compact operating system, fast boot speed with a beautiful and sophisticated metro interface. With the following Windows 8.1 tips will help you speed up your startup even more, change the Windows 8.1 interface to your liking, and so on.


1. Skip the login screen

If you are confident that your computer is not available to anyone else or your computer does not contain any private data. You can skip the login screen which saves startup time and manual operations.

First, press the key combination Windows + CLOUD open Charm menu and choose Search to search ” netplwiz “to open the window User Accounts

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In the User Accounts window, uncheck the box Users must enter a username and password to use this computer and press OK.

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If your account has a password, the system will display a dialog box asking for a password and confirmation. The next time you start Windows, you won’t see any login screen anymore.

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2. Boot straight to the Desktop

Normally on Windows 8/8.1 when you log in, you will be redirected to the Start Screen screen, then you can select Desktop. To be able to switch directly to the Desktop interface like Windows 7, you can follow the windows 8.1 trick below.

Right click under the bar Taskbar and choose Properties.

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On the dialog box Taskbar and Navigator properties you tick the box When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of start (When logging in or shutting down all applications, you will be redirected to the Desktop interface instead of the Start interface) then click OK.

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3. Quick App Access

In Windows 8 and higher operating systems, the Start button is customized with more functions to help you access settings and applications quickly such as Control Panel, Command Prompt, Device Manager, Shutdown, etc. You just need right click on the icon Start Menu Under the taskbar, quick options will appear for you to choose and access.

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4. View all apps

Like mobile devices, Windows 8.1 will display all apps installed on the computer (including system apps). In the Start Screen screen, you just need to press the small arrow below to open All Apps (all apps).

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5. Customize Start Screen

The Start Screen interface is quite eye-catching with online application squares (Live Tiles) but it is possible for you that the Start Screen will be a mess when it is not organized. That’s why you can right-click and choose the size, drag and drop the application to the position you want.

6. Change the Start Screen interface

In addition to arranging the Live Tiles on Start Screen, you can change the look and feel to make your Start Screen look better. On the Start Screen press Windows + CLOUD to open Charms then select Settings ->Personalize. Here you can customize the Start Screen interface according to the available interfaces, color tones.

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7. Turn off edge navigation

When you hover your mouse to the right screen or click on the screen in the left corner, it will display the Charms menu or the applications you have open. If you want to disable this feature to avoid ‘eye-catching’, you can follow the following windows 8.1 trick.

Right click on the bar Taskbar choose Properties. At the window Taskbar and Navigator Properties remove the check in 2 cells When I point to the upper-right corner, show the charm and When I click the upper-left corner, switch between my recent apps later that press OK.

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8. Change default apps

You can choose 3rd party applications as default applications on Windows 8.1 instead of pre-installed applications from the system very simply. Access Control Panel from the Start Menu and navigate to Programs ->Set Default Programs. Here you can choose applications as a music player, default browser, text reader, etc.

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9. System backup.

On Windows 8.1, there is a built-in tool to help you back up the system at that time in case your computer encounters some problems such as win errors, viruses destroying the system. Through this backup you can restore the system whenever you want to return to the time of backup.

Enter Control Panel then choose System and Security.

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On the System and Security window select File Historyhere you can install some customizations and back up your computer.

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In addition to the File History feature that creates a backup of your computer, you can use the function Restore Point to create a restore point in win 8 as well as other windows

10. Windows Update

The Windows 8.1 operating system is always cared for by Microsoft and regularly updates with patches and new features, so stay up to date with the latest patches through the function. Windows Update in Control Panel.

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11. Create SlideShow on Windows lock screen

If you want to change the monotonous pictures on the Lock Screen screen into pictures that are changed after a certain period of time, you can customize the Lock Screen screen to Slide Show mode.

Press Windows + CLOUD to open the Charms menu. Then choose Change PC and Settings and choose PC and Devices.

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In PC and Devices you switch to card Lock screen and enable mode Play a slide show on the lock screen luxurious ON.

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12. Privacy settings

Private mode on Windows 8.1 can help you limit certain apps and browsers from accessing your information, block ads, and more.

To customize this setting you open Change PC Settings in the menu Charms and find the item Privacy.

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13. 3D printing support

In addition to Windows 8.1 tips to increase the ability to experience the usual Windows 8.1 operating system, on versions of Windows 8 and above all support 3D printing through applications. 3D Builder (Free) which you can download from the Windows Store.

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14. Run apps from Windows Store as windows

When you download and use any application on the Windows Store, those applications will be run in a different environment. Then your entire screen will only show that app. You can use the program ModernMix for Windows 8 to customize application running in the form of a window that makes it easier to multitask.

15. Turn off notifications, set a quiet time

On Windows 8.1 operating system, you can easily turn off blocking annoying notifications and pop-ups to focus on your work. To activate Quiet hours you come in Change PC settings from the Charms menu, select Search and Apps then switch to card Notification and set arbitrary options.

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16. Turn off automatic app updates

To avoid filling up memory and updating unnecessary applications. You can turn off automatic app updates on the Windows Store. To prevent the system from automatically updating apps without permission, open Windows Store and open the Charms menu select Settings and choose App Updates You will see an option to enable or disable automatic app updates Automatically update my apps.

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17. Turn off the app completely

On Windows 8.1, when you drag and swipe an application to the bottom of the screen, the application will not be completely closed, but it will run in the background. To close the application completely, drag the application to the bottom of the screen until the next tab is switched to the application is closed.

18. Restore Libraries

By default Windows 8.1 will hide the folder Libraries. To reactivate the Libraries library you open File Explorerchoose View tab then choose Navigation Pane and tick the option Show Libraries.

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19. System Cleanup

On Windows operating system you can use the function Disk Cleanup pre-installed on the system to clean up memory. This function will find and delete junk files, temporary memory, applications and files that have not been used for a long time, etc.

To access the Disk Cleanup feature, right-click any CD driver that you want to clean choose Properties and you will see the Disk Cleanup function displayed here.

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In addition to the Disk Cleanup function, you can install CCleaner software which is a very useful software with the ability to clean the computer very well.

20. Read Newspaper Offline

You can use this feature to read newspapers offline. First, go to the article you want to read Offline at another time, then open the Charms menu and select Share. Here you will see the Reading List application, clicking on this application will help you save the article and read it when there is no network connection.

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21. Common Shortcut Keys

Windows + X: open Search Charm to search Windows and Web.

Windows + Q: Search in open applications.

Windows + F: Search for files.

Windows + Z: Open commands and Context Menus in the application.

Ctrl + Plus (+ sign): Enlarge the Start Screen.

Ctrl + Minus (- sign): Minimize Start Screen.

Windows + down arrow: Close the application.

Windows + X: Open the Start Button option.

Windows + Home: Minimize all Desktop windows.

Windows + O: Lock screen orientation (portrait or landscape).

Windows + . (dot) + right arrow: Snap the app to the right.

Windows + . (dot) + left arrow: Snap the app to the left.

Windows + Ctrl + Space (spacebar): Change the previously selected Input language.
Above are some Windows 8.1 tips to help users quickly get acquainted with this fast, compact and lightweight operating system from the world’s leading technology company Microsoft. If you do not know how to install Windows 8.1, please quickly refer to the instructions on how to install windows 8 usb, cd, hard drive. Good luck !

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