Windows 7 restarts repeatedly, causes and solutions

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During use, your computer will sometimes encounter some annoying errors. For example, Windows 7 repeated boot errors, no matter what you do, your computer will not be able to boot into the operating system. So what is the best method to help you fix Windows 7 can’t boot into Win error? Follow the article below.

If you can’t start Win 7 normally, the error of booting Windows 7 repeatedly on your computer, the main cause is that your Windows 7 operating system has corrupted some files in the Windows startup registry. Prepare a Windows installation disc and use the Windows 7 System Recovery Option tool included in the installation disc to fix this situation.


Step 1: Insert any Windows 7 installation disc into the drive on your computer. Then restart the computer and go to boot to start the win disk

Step 2: On the Windows 7 installer, press Next.

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Step 3: Option Repair your computer instead of Install Now to fix Windows 7 repeated boot errors

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Step 4: Select the operating system to fix the error and press next. As shown in the picture Taimienphi needs to fix Windows 7 repeated boot errors, so choose Windows 7 and remember the drive EASY is the drive containing Windows 7 on the computer

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Step 5: Item Startup Repair will help you fix repeated boot errors on win 7 . The operating system will be repaired automatically.

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Step 6: If the Startup Repair option cannot fix the error and reports Windows cannot repair this computer automaticallyoption Command Prompt to perform the repair by command line manually.

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Step 7: On the Command Prompt window, type the command line leading to the drive containing windows 7. For example, Taimienphi installs Windows 7 on drive D, then type the following: D: and press Enter. Import Dir to check the directory information stored in the drive.


Step 8: Keep typing cd windowssystem32config to go to the config folder containing the file to fix the error of restarting windows 7 and then enter dir to check this directory.

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Step 9: Import md mybackup To create a backup folder, enter copy *.* mybackup to copy everything from this folder

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Step 10: The Regback folder contains Windows automatic registry backup files. Import cd regback then enter dir to check if this folder can be used to fix Windows 7 repeating boot errors.

DEFAULT, SAM and SECURITY files, each about 262,000 bytes.

SOFTWARE file, about 26,000,000 bytes.

SYSTEM file, about 9,900,000 bytes.

Then enter copy *.* to copy these error correction files to the computer and restart the computer after fixing the error.

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If one of these files is 0bytes in size, the recovery cannot be done this way. The best solution is that you can use a bootable usb or installation disc to install windows 7. A completely new installation of windows 7 will help you fix the error of booting repeatedly win 7 completely, windows 7 also works smoothly than. If you are tired of using Windows 7, you can upgrade or install Windows 8 with a compact metro interface and more advanced features than Windows 7.

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