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Win Redmi Note 5 now when participating in ROS Mobile Weekly Tournament tomorrow

The ROSM Weekly Tournament has received a large and enthusiastic participation from fans of the skydiving genre with solo form, platinum minimum rank and no pre-registration required. This is a weekly tournament held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, in addition to ingame prizes such as diamonds and items worth up to $600 per week, there are also valuable outgame prizes.


Especially tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 8, ROSM Weekly Tournament will have more special prizes:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Top 1: diamond + ingame item + REDMI NOTE 5 or virtual reality headset XIAOMI MI VR PLAY 2
  • Top 2 – Top 5: diamonds + ingame items

According to the information we know, Redmi Note 5 will be officially launched by Xiaomi today on May 7. Redmi Note 5 is equipped with a huge battery of up to 4000mAh, very suitable for plowing RoS “tired”. The battery is old and has fast charging. Not only that, Redmi Note 5 also has an extremely powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor with the qualities of the high-end 800 series chip. 14nm process for both good performance and battery saving. This type turns on max settings without thinking.


Warrior Rules of Survival What are you waiting for, do not prepare to join the battle right away ROS Mobile Weekly Tournament V2 tomorrow night on May 8 with unexpected and suffocating matches for a chance to own a very cool new Redmi Note 5 phone. !

Learn more about Rules of Survival:

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