The reasons why hardcore people love the light gong of the Nine Yin Zhen Jing

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For gamers, being in the air, flying from one place to another is an extremely interesting experience when playing a martial arts-themed MMORPG. Understanding this, since 2010 until now, many NSX have invested and refined in terms of images as well as features of the airship to satisfy the player’s desire to “fly between the galaxy”.

And NSX Nails with the same product The Nine Yin Chan Kinh However, over time, perhaps only this couple is enough to make a difference in the flying and jumping feature, making hardcore people addicted to “fatigue”.

Realistic flying like a swordplay movie

Referring to the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, it is impossible not to mention the authenticity of “every cell” that this game possesses, in which the scorpion is no exception. Not flowery in an unrealistic way, flying in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh gives players the most authentic experience. Players can fully realize that these martial arts techniques are no different from the flying and jumping screens found only in swordplay movies.


Can say about Pedal Three HanhStep by step, step forward and step on the wave to walk, a type of air-goong very familiar in swordplay movies, helping the masters cross the other bank of the river in just 3 notes. However, if there is a time when the legs get tired when running like that, the great runner can also use Waterfall Point for light dips, bouncing slowly across the water to revive.


And when encountering barriers with hard surfaces and excessive heights such as walls, mountains, or wanting to follow and climb on the roofs to monitor the enemy, the “wall climbing” technique Thuong Thien The Always the number one choice.


Speaking of which, surely those who are passionate about swordplay really want to transform into a wanderer traveling the world of Nine Yin, along with many martial arts techniques, just like a movie.

Absolute pragmatism in PvP

In addition to the authenticity, “King the Nine Yin Chan Kinh is not just for beauty” is the opinion of most gamers when they have experienced this 3D MMORPG. Because the pragmatism of the airship in PvP makes its role not in the prejudice of “learning for fun” like other games.


With the types of body techniques in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, players can take advantage to dodge the opponent’s non-target attacks. For example, with Nhan Hanh Cong, gamers can surf quickly on the ground to approach lightning attacks.​

Or perhaps with tougher opponents, the player can use the quick dash strategy to lure the opponent to launch first, then continue to dash quickly to avoid, from which the player can release a bunch of combos. enemies while they haven’t had time to cooldown.


In addition to the scheme of “lugging the enemy to launch”, the factions that play secret weapons like Duong Mon or Kim Cham Tham Gia often have very annoying “kite flying” tactics. During PvP, these two sects can both use the airship to escape and throw darts behind. The enemy can only block the attack, or continue to follow until he collapses from running out of health bars.

Equipment of players participating in Nine Yin PK

From here, it can be seen, the importance of the air force in the epic battles of the Nine Am martial arts world. Upcoming, PK Nine Yin Tournament with a cash reward of 37 million dong continues to be a measure of the ability to use the player’s ability to use the airship in front of the most elite team of PKs selected.

If you have money, you can’t buy it

That’s how true the Nine-Yin Gong is, it’s practical in PvP, but it’s extremely hard to find. A special feature is that players can’t buy it through NPH’s shop at all. In order to be able to possess superior body techniques like movies, it is inevitable to work hard in the forbidden areas and farm in the Nine Yin world, and the really lucky people can only get 1- 2 books as desired.

No forbidden places, no surprises – no disrespect

It’s so hard to find, but this is an attraction for real hardcore gamers, who find it harder and more enjoyable. For community of the Nine Yin Chan Kinhhaving a few hours of eating with accomplices in a forbidden place to hunt peacocks has long been a daily activity.
It is known that up to the present time, players of the Nine Yin Chan Kinh can own up to 12 types of flying skills with different characteristics. And all are taken from the original swordplay.

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