Why was my Facebook Fanpage deleted?

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Why was my Facebook Fanpage deleted when it did not violate any of Facebook’s policies? This is a question that Taimienphi.vn has received a lot in recent times. The following article Taimienphi.vn will answer this question for you.

If you are wondering why Facebook page, fanpage deleted unknown reason. Readers should refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn to find out the answer.

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The reason why the Facebook page “evaporated”

Why was my Facebook Fanpage deleted?

One of the most common reasons why a Facebook fan page is removed is for non-compliance with the platform’s guidelines.

There are also a number of reasons why your Facebook page “evaporate”, including:

– Fake page: it could be because you used a fake name, or reported by other users, report.

– Contents posted with copyright: In case if your Facebook page contains inappropriate or copyrighted content, other users can report it to Facebook.

– Cover image: Facebook’s rules for using cover photos are quite strict, specifically cover photos cannot exceed 20% text, … .

Why is my facebook fanpage sad?

Is it possible to retrieve deleted Facebook Fanpage?

There is currently no way to recover a deleted page, but Facebook also offers several options:

If you accidentally delete your Facebook page, fanpage, or you suspect your Facebook page has been hacked by a 3rd party, try filling out this form. HERE

Facebook will send you an email with a link to the form, to adjust the details, request to restore your fanpage.

Why is my facebook fan page so bad 2

What to do if Facebook page is deleted?

In case if the Facebook Fanpage is deleted, you need:

– Stop ads on the page: If you are running ads on fanpage, it is best to pause this process.

Find out the cause, the reason why the page was deleted. If it is not possible to restore and retrieve the page, the last solution is to create a new Fanpage and avoid the same situation.

The above article Taimienphi.vn has just answered your question, Why was my Facebook Fanpage deleted? In addition, readers can refer to some existing articles on Taimienphi.vn to learn more How to recover Facebook password lost, forgot by phone number, gmail.

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