Hearthstone: Molten Giant & Mountain Giant becoming Elemental and minion changes

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The following 5 Minions of Hearthstone will be changed and 1 minion will change the image:

  • Molten Giant becomes Elemental.
  • Mountain Giant becomes Elemental.
  • Witchwood Piper becomes a Demon.
  • North Sea Kraken becomes Beast.
  • Jungle Moonkin lost Beast.
  • Witchwood Grizzly has new art.

Molten Giant & Mountain Giant



Both Molten Giant and Mountain Giant will be stacked as Elemental. This makes the Elemental decks more diverse, but also partly explains the meaning of these cards – giants from lava and rock should be more Elemental.

Witchwood Piper


Witchwood Piper will be considered a Demon. This Minion satyr (half man, half horse) basically looks like a demon, just like the storyline in Warcraft, so this card also needs to be adjusted in Hearttstone. This is the first time Blizzard has introduced a satyr into Hearthstone so the team wanted to rank them right from the start.

North Sea Kraken


The North Sea Kraken will become Beast. But don’t call it ink.

Jungle Moonkin


Although he looks a lot like a beast, Moonkin really does look like an intelligent person. Blizzard currently has two Moonkins in Hearthstone – Darkmire Moonkin and Jungle Moonkin – one was a Beast, and the other was not. The team agreed with the feedback from the community that Moonkin should not be classified as a Beast, so from now on, Moonkin is no longer a Beast.


The team also talked about special beast cards like Witchwood Grizzly and Arfus. Are they Beast or not? With Witchwood Grizzly, the team wanted interactive gameplay with Witching Hour and Kathrena Winterwisp. Blizzard decided to update the drawing to make it look more like an animal than a ghost. Meanwhile, Arfus appeared a lot due to being discovered by Deathstalker Rexxar, so Arfus remained the same.

As for the Dust return policy, Blizzard also wants to confirm that, but minor adjustments – like changing the name, changing the drawing, changing the Type will not affect the card’s power much – so it will not receive the full Dust. enough if you want to be refunded.

In the above case, since the strength of the cards is generally unchanged, Blizzard will not fully refund Arcane Dust to the player.

According to HearthPwn

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