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Why did Resident Evil choose to be the main role in the new game-based movie project?

Since 2016, Paul WS Anderson, a director with many debts to the game industry, has begun work on adaptation Monster Hunter onto the big screen. Before that, his works such as Mortal Kombat good series Resident Evil It has also received a lot of support from the gaming community. Recently, the director announced the female lead for his upcoming game-based movie, and it’s none other than the star of Resident Evil: Milla Jovovich.


According to many sources, she Alice Resident Evil’s is also the last piece in the Monster Hunter crew, and the movie will soon launch later this year in Africa. Because of the involvement of both the director and the female lead, Monster Hunter is also likely to become a series similar to Resident Evil.

Because the film has not been officially shot yet, we may have to wait a long time to see the epic “monster hunts” on the film. Before that, we could only temporarily find out through the “temporary” content of this film revealed by Anderson:

“An ordinary man with a boring job discovers that he is a descendant of an ancient hero. He must travel to a mysterious world to train as a Monster Hunter, before the terrifying creatures of that world devour our world.”

Will we get to see these epic monsters when Monster Hunter hits the movie?

Anderson also shared:

“The main character is an American character. An ordinary employee with a boring job and no future, feels his life is a failure, similar to Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. It’s the story of an ordinary American man being dragged into a parallel world, the world of Monster Hunter. And then, that world begins to invade our world, and you will see Monster Hunter creatures appear on Earth.”

It is not known how fans of the Monster Hunter series feel, but personally, the writer thinks that it is quite monotonous and lacks creativity. Of course, that’s just Anderson’s intention and between now and when the movie hits theaters, a lot of things will certainly change. For now, at least we have Milla Jovovich to look forward to.

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