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Crossfire Legends – 14 tips rookies must know when playing survival

1. The first task of all players at the beginning of the game is to jump from the plane with a “gliding cave”. Even if you don’t actively press the jump button, the system will eventually force you to leave the plane.


2. While gliding through the air, you can rotate the view to see where your players are landing.

3. When landing, you can fall on the roofs of buildings but it is useless to land on a roof without any items on it. On the other hand, having to jump from above also causes you to lose some health.


4. The first thing to do when landing is to run away to find the necessary weapons and equipment, this is not the time to find someone to attack.

5. In the process of searching for weapons and equipment, if you encounter an enemy, it does not mean that you have to fight one-on-one. Be flexible, run away or take cover. Life is always the most important. In the forest, there is no fear of not having firewood.


6. If you’re in a sandstorm, there’s nothing to worry about but to get out of there as fast as you can. It’s better to find a car to get to safety faster.

7. Don’t think that all vehicles in the competition can be driven unlimitedly. Luxury cars and armored vehicles need fuel to run. Unless you use a bicycle, but there will be a speed limit.


8. Some cars and armored vehicles are navigable. Don’t try this with a bike, though.


9. Cycling on high terrain is very difficult. At this point you should go for a walk.

10. Not only can weapons kill the enemy, you can use a car to hit them directly.


11. Cars have a certain durability, this durability can protect the people in the car. Enemies firing at the vehicle will not damage the occupants. However, the vehicle can explode when fired continuously.

12. In combat, rifles and sniper rifles are often better than shotguns or MG/SMGs because most of the combat is at long range. In addition, the damage of rifles and sniper rifles is also higher.


13. And compared to sniper rifles, rifles are a better choice because it balances damage, flexibility and range.

14. Eventually, the safe area will get smaller and smaller and the game will come to an end. The safest way to protect yourself is to find a grassy area to lie down and pay attention to every move around. At the same time, flexibly change the position to suit the change of the safe area.​

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