How to fish in the game Minecraft effectively

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Minecraft has countless interesting and attractive things waiting for you to explore. Minecraft world is extremely large, you can unleash your creativity in your own style, the more you play, the more you feel attractive, attractive, many things for you to learn and explore. That’s why that adds to the attraction for this virtual world building game!

In real life, you do not have the opportunity to go fishing, download Minecraft to experience the feeling of being a great fisherman! Every time you catch a fish you will feel very happy. But how to fish and fish effectively, perhaps not all gamers know. Today, will guide you in detail how to fish in Minecraft game, invite you to refer to the article below:

Essential tools for fishing in Minecraft

To become a fisherman in Minecraft, you first need to prepare a fishing rod. The fishing rod is made according to the formula of 3 wooden sticks + 2 silk strings used for fishing for meat for food. In addition, the fishing rod can also be used to pull mobs and other entities. Fishing in Minecraft is different in real life without bait!

Recipe for making fishing rods

Video instructions for making fishing rods:

After you have prepared a fishing rod, find a place to fish, wherever there is water you can go fishing. It doesn’t matter how big or small a lake is, but of course a big lake is always more potential.

How to fish in the game Minecraft effectively

First, you right click to throw the fishing rod into the water, choose a wide sea, rivers and lakes to easily observe the fish biting. Wait a while until the water streaks to appear where the fish are swimming to the fishing float. Observed that the fishing float vibrates and then gently indent 1, then quickly click the mouse to pull the fishing line again.

Fishing in Minecraft

Be quick, quick-eyed, you will surely get a lot of fish, rest assured that practice fishing a few times and you will get used to and collect the spoils.

Video fishing instructions in Minecraft

Items obtained while fishing:

  • Fish: Raw fish, puffer fish, clownfish, raw salmon.
  • Types of precious items: Enchant, saddle, horse armor …
  • Types of waste: Leather boots, duckweed …

Tips for increasing efficiency when fishing in the Minecaft:

In order to catch a lot of fish, you should bring your fishing rod to magic, when successfully matching your fishing rod will add the following effects as much as possible:

  • Lure: Reduces the average time between fish bites, helps shorten the time to go fishing in the game.
  • Luck of the Sea: Reducing the rate of being deceived, mistakenly wronged with trash and junk items to the maximum.
  • Unbreaking: Increase the durability of your fishing rod.

Hopefully the above article will help gamers catch a lot of fish, but if you want to play Minecraft game effectively, you need to learn more. mine way, how to prepare medicines to increase strength, as well as to learn how pig riding, horse riding so well …

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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