Which Free Fire gun is the heaviest and lightest?

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In Free Fire, there is an indicator that is often overlooked by gamers a lot and does not pay attention to, move. Have you ever wondered why your enemies can move so fast but you are slower? It all comes down to the weight of the weapon or gun you’re using, here are the heaviest and lightest Free Fire guns you need to know.

With Battle Royale games like Free Fire, movement speed is one of the most important stats that is often underestimated by gamers. By moving fast, you’ll likely get to your current target before the enemy, get out of a dangerous area, or even reach a looting spot. That’s why people consider Kelly’s skill useful, even though it only increases by 6%.

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Garena Free Fire – The lighter the weapon, the higher the movement speed

The heaviest guns in Free Fire

1. Gatling Gun
The Gatling Gun tops this list with its massive weight difference, reducing the player’s movement speed to just 32. This means you can only move at 1/3 the speed. normal when holding this gun. The obvious fact is that the Gatling Gun is the heaviest weapon, this gun really shouldn’t be used or carried around. Usually, this cannon will be mounted on the vehicle or on the ground for use.

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2. AUG
It’s actually quite surprising that the new gun AUG is the second heaviest weapon in Free Fire, halving the player’s movement speed when holding or equipped. In general, this gun is probably too balanced so the movement speed and accuracy are dragged down so low.

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The lightest guns in Free Fire

As you might have guessed, the lightest melee weapon in Free Fire with 88 movement stats. You can run pretty much like Flash (the character that moves at the speed of light in the DC TV series). However, this list is about guns… and surprisingly, pistols aren’t actually the lightest guns in the game.

The lightest gun in Free Fire isn’t actually a pistol, it’s an SMG UMP. With a movement stat of 79, it is lighter than a regular pistol and will increase your movement speed even more if you equip it with the Kelly character skill. With the exception of the M500, all pistols have a relatively equal movement speed of about 75 to 76.

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Above is all information about the heaviest and lightest guns in Free Fire, players need to know if they want to move faster, to the designated position to gain an advantage over the opponent. The character skill Kelly Awakens may be the most suitable, refer to the unlocking method below.


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