Which champion is the best in the Arena of Truth?

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If you are interested in getting started with Riot’s new Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics, or you want to learn more about the strengths of the champions, the list below will help you better understand the champions present in the game. game.

The ranking of the strength of the Tactics champions is based on a number of criteria, including inherent abilities, synergy, ability to control the opponent and the flexibility of each character. Here is the taste The best champion in the Arena of Truth.

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The strongest and best general in the Arena of Truth

List of champions in the Arena of Truth

1. Tier S (Rank 1)

– Cho’Gath

– Drake

– Pyke

– Garen

– Nidalee

This level gathers the strongest units in the game. They are powerful standalone units and work well in almost any formation or situation. In the case of Garen and Nidalee, they are cheap units that can be purchased and upgraded in the early game, and remain powerful and reliable in the late game.

Cho’Gath is arguably the best independent unit. He’s a great fit for the Void but aside from his synergy, his crowd control is the strongest thing in the game. It has a very large radius, far exceeding Sejuani and Gnar.

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Drake is on another level. You probably won’t find him until mid or late game, but when he’s on the field, he’s well worth buying. He has just been nerfed, but is still extremely powerful, which combined with Darius would be a concern for most people. Add a few items, and even upgrade to two stars, Draven’s ax will be terrifying.

It might be surprising to see Pyke so highly rated on this list. As a standalone unit, he’s not particularly powerful, but when you add the Spear of Shojin to his inventory, he’s unstoppable. His three-second AoE Stun can disrupt your plans.

2. Tier A (Grade 2)

– Gnar

– Sejuani

– Kayle

– Swain

– Brand

– Akali

– Tristana

– Aurelion Sol

These champion units are almost brought to the top level, they are not completely overwhelmed. Each champion has strengths, but being independent units is not always the best choice. In some cases, combining with other races and equipped with the right items, will bring many interesting things.

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Gnar and Sejuani, however, stand out in this row. They have some of the strongest control powers in the game and are likely to show up late game.

3. Tier B (Tier 3)

– Darius

– Warwick

– Kassadin

– Vayne

– Ashe

– Volibear

– Leona

– Kindred

– Shyvana

Each of these units has their strengths, but instead of carrying around, they act as strong and dependable facilitators. They are important units for Origin and Class synergy, likely to appear in the game’s strongest comps, however, they are not always the ideal choice.

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4. Tier C (Grade 4)

– Braum

– Kha’Zix

– Katarina

– Evelynn

– Varus

– Ahri

– Aniva

– Blitzcrank

These units are very unlikely to have a place on the list of ranks. They have their strengths, but they are not always reliable. You can’t count on any of these units to work properly, and you shouldn’t be allocating equipment to them. Using your gold to try to find an upgrade will usually be a waste, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.

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5. Tier D (Level 5)

– Yasuo

– Rengar

– Zed

– Rek’Sai

– Karthus

– Mordekaiser

– Veigar

None of these units are strong, they just don’t stand out. Each individual can be used in comps, but you shouldn’t waste your precious items on them if absolutely necessary.

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6. Tier E (Rank 6)

– Kennen

– Poppy

– Lucian

– Fiora

– Elise

– Miss Fortune

– Shen

These units are exceptionally weak and are nearly useless units when standing alone.

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7. Tier (Useless)

– Graves

– Aatrox

– Gangplank

– Morgana

– Lissandra

Each of the above general units needs to be buffed to increase strength, hopefully NPH will modify in the near future. They are the worst units of the bunch and offer practically nothing in Auto Chess. Basically, just cannon fodder. If you equip and purposely upgrade them, you are weakening your squad

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Above is a list of the best champions in the Teamfight Tactics, the starting point of the game when it officially launches on servers. Surely the game will change a lot in the future, you can also refer to it How to match League of Legends League of Legends the most effective we mentioned in previous articles. Hope the above article brings you a lot of useful and interesting knowledge.

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