Things to do when season 2 of Apex Legends is about to start

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Season 2 of Apex Legends is coming soon, information about the new season is being leaked widely on social networks, this is a free time for players to practice widely while waiting for a new season to start. .

To prepare thoroughly for a new season to begin, Apex Legends Season 2. We bring you the preparation, practice while waiting for the new version of Apex Legends to be updated in the next few weeks to change the way you play Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Season 2 – Update brings many changes

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Things to practice while waiting for season 2 Apex Legends

1. Emotion control

A lot of new things will be added to Apex Legends at the start of a season, most likely there will be many new bugs. Probably a lot of players have encountered in season 1. It can be frustrating, so take the time to practice some deep breathing techniques and prioritize controlling your emotions. Remember to trap Bunker and Wingman before they are changed to balance, surely season 2 will have many interesting things like that. Prepare yourself mentally.

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2. Off-meta legends

With Wattson, Respawn was introduced with the ability to use electricity that would diversify the Apex Legends strategy. Whether they’re sure to be a complete success or not, the balance of legend will be shaken. For one, we know at least one current legend will be buffed. Then there’s obviously Wattson’s addition, with her unique skill set. This is a squad-based battle royale, and her interaction with existing legends is sure to spawn some new tactics.

A Legend that suddenly becomes stronger can upset the entire power hierarchy of Apex Legends. If that happens, you don’t want to be stuck with 5,000 Lifeline games.

3. Learn how to use a Mozambican gun

Yes, Mozambican. Respawn has promised that this shotgun will be “useable” in season 2, so let’s start using it. At the very least, honing your skills with it is the least you can do for yourself, so you’ll be ready for any new Apex Legends season 2 madness that might stand in your way. me.

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4. Restrictions on buying and selling

The oddly designed Apex Legends store has made most players uncomfortable, the huge amount of stock has made a lot of people uncontrollable. Every now and then a new exclusive potion pops up in the store, and you might be tempted by their allure. When that happens, control your urges.

Don’t craft or buy anything unnecessary, just spend your in-game money. Season 2 will bring loads of new cosmetics and even new genres of content. You also most likely need 1,000 Apex Coins to purchase a new Battle Pass.

5. Ability to communicate

Beating Wattson’s bunker tactics will require a concerted team effort. Running in all gung-ho and unprepared will cause great damage to you, as well as your teammates. You need to be in the same position as the squad more than ever to fight this new legend.

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From now until Apex Legends launches season 2, spend some time in the game honing your communication skills. Whether it’s via texting or via voice chat, be mindful of your presence. Offers advice to new players, useful, theoretical, anti-Wattson strategies. Communication is absolutely something that is very beneficial both inside and outside the game.
The above are 5 issues that players need to practice while waiting for season 2 of Apex Legends, the arrival of new champion Wattson will bring a lot of changes, be careful with the tactical gameplay you and your teammates play. you have played or used. You can refer to the detailed content Apex Legends Season 2 update coming soon on our website, stay tuned if you want to know new information regarding the game.

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