ROS updated on July 3, optimizing the experience and fixing bugs

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According to the update schedule given by NPH, ROS, Rules Of Survival continues to have more changes related to the Cybertron Battle feature and fix Ghillie error when wearing a backpack. Here are the details of the July 3 ROS update.

This week Rules of Survival – Law of Survival will update a lot of new content. The updated ROS version, in addition to updating the Cybertron War feature, also fixes some bugs that are playing crashing and popping out in some cases.

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1. ROS update time on 03/07

– Maintenance time: From 05:00 to 08:00 on 03/07/2019.
– Note: Maintenance may take longer than expected.

2. Content ROS update 07/03

A) New content

– GP Arena: After the update, the feature is Cybertron War, limited to the area at Cybertron lobby.
– Increase the timeout when chatting in the match: Players can only chat 3 times in 20 seconds at most in the frame chat channel.

B) Optimize the experience

– Fix Ghillie: After the update, when wearing Ghillie, it will cover the backpack.
– Increase the amount of Terrain Vehicle HP.
– Load optimization: When selecting the feature that has a map that has not been loaded, it will automatically display a prompt to download the corresponding map.
– Custom room optimization: In the custom room’s preparation interface, players who are invited not to leave the team will be prompted and for the next 30 seconds cannot join that room. At the same time, the Custom room owner will now receive the right to invite from the team mid-match and end-game.
– Adjusted default position of Music icon in key setting.

C) Fix bug

– Fix bug in some cases where crash occurs.
PUBG is also a tactical shooter game with Battle Royale like ROS on operating systems, PUBG update number 30 featuring the new Deagle weapon and BRDM-2 vehicle, which is an additional choice for players in terms of weapons and vehicles, offering them a whole new set of tactical gameplay.

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