Where can I get the Code of Sword Ghost 3D Mobile?

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Sword Ma 3D is a mobile game of the role-playing genre with attractive gameplay, a large picnic map and a unique copy that promises to bring players many interesting experiences when entering the world of swordplay. has officially launched, follow the latest 3D Sword Ghost Codes below.

As mentioned above, Sword Ma 3D was developed and released by Funtap himself on the mobile mobile system. And the following article will guide you how to receive and enter Code Sword Ma 3D, a good and attractive role-playing game on mobile.

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Newbie Giftcode:

+ KM121402tgDhNCV

+ KM131502R8iSaRq

Instructions to receive Code Sword Ghost 3D

Step 1: To be able to own yourself the Codes of Sword Ghost 3D Mobile, you need to visit the GiftCode page of NPH Funtap here and proceed to log in to your Funtap account or Sword Ma 3D Mobile game account, if you don’t have one, please refer to how Sign up for Funtap here.

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Step 2: After successfully logging in, scroll down and press and enter Join now to participate in the game’s latest events and get the 3D Ghost Sword Code.

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Or you can also press the item Redeem Giftcode to redeem Giftcode when eligible from participating in these events.

In addition, you can also visit the game’s Fanpage or Group pages, attend events organized by the Board of Directors, follow their instructions or requests to receive valuable Codes of Sword Ma 3D Mobile. .
– Join the forum Fanpage Sword Ma 3D here
– Join Group Sword Ghost 3D here

Instructions to enter Code Sword Ghost 3D Mobile

Step 1: First, you access the GiftCode page hereand choose game Sword Ghost 3D Mobile.

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Step 2: Login game account Sword Ma 3D Mobile.

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Step 3: Once you have successfully logged in, select Sever and Character’s name In the game you want to receive gifts, then enter the Code Sword Ma 3D Mobile in the line GiftCode below then select Continue. Receiving gifts and enter the game, the reward is sent through the system Letters of the game.

code for 3d mobile phone code 6

With Code Sword Ma 3D Mobile, players can receive many attractive gifts to make the game experience better, this is also a gift that publisher Funtap wants to give to gamers on the official launch day. game. Naruto The Legend of Konoha is a game based on the original popular Naruto manga that was also released not long ago, hurry up and get it. Code Naruto The Legend of Konoha to get rewards from NPH offline.

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