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Released by the publisher VGP, Era of Angels belongs to the role-playing game genre officially launched to players on 2 platforms Google Play and App Store. Right now you can participate to receive the Code of Angel Era.

Era of Angels With many similarities compared to MU Online, players of the Angel Era will be able to play the role of one of the 3 character classes Dragon Kinght, Sword Master and Dark Wizard to fight against evil forces.

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Code Era Angel – Role-playing game like MU Online

Instructions to receive the Code of Angel Era

Method 1: Gamers who want to receive the Code of the Angel Era, please visit the game’s official Fanpage Here. Then you proceed to participate in events, Events such as Share Trailer, Alpha Test, Leave a deep find, … there will be a Gift Code for players when you follow the required steps correctly and fully. BQT. Rewards are awarded when the game officially launches.

Method 2: In addition to accessing the main forum of the Angel Era to receive the code, gamers can also join the Angel Era Group. Here. By joining the group of the game you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other gamers, exchange combat experience or join a guild to hunt bosses, fight …. and also can received the Code of Angel Era.

Method 3: If you still can’t receive the Code of the Era of Angels in the above 2 ways, please visit online news sites, game portals such as gamek, gamehub, 2game, game4vn … follow their requirements to receive the code. gift code to help you get off to a good start.

Instructions for entering the Code of the Angel Era

Currently, the Angel Era is in the Alpha Test phase, so the function to enter the Code in the game is not available, gamers receive the Code of the Angel Era, so they should actively save it on their computer and wait until the game officially launches. , a Code input system appears. We will update the latest information about the game to readers, please keep an eye on it.
Hopefully with Taimienphi’s post on how to receive and enter the Code of the Angel Era above, it will be of great help to you, helping you to have a more favorable game start. Released on the same day as Era of Angels, Naruto Legend of Konoha is a general card game developed across platforms, if you are interested you can get Code Naruto The Legend of Konoha here. Have a good time reading the game.

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