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When you want to play games but have to facetime with your lover, follow this guy

For gamers who are too passionate about the game, no matter how easy and gentle a lover is, it is difficult to avoid being nagged and annoyed. But as long as you have the ability to “disguise”, you can easily deal with and overcome in any case, even with the most formidable and suspicious girls. Like the way the guy below did.

A couple of things at a time facetime with girlfriend, playing video games is probably just a normal thing. But what to do when playing but not letting your lover know that you are playing? And our male gamer has come up with a very cool way. That is to use the foot to hold the phone to talk to the girlfriend, and the two hands to the bottom can still press the phone to play games as usual.​


But it seems that the girlfriend in the clip is not an easy girl to overcome when constantly questioning her lover: “Are you looking?”, “What are you watching?”, “What’s facetime doing without facetime?”. Meanwhile, the male gamer had all his excuses: “Looking here”, “What are you watching”, “One facetime here, one hand here”, “See nothing, believe it”,…


But at the last minute, our guy accidentally raised both hands playing the game to prove it, while the phone was still clamped at his feet, making the camouflage plan from the beginning until now collapsed in an instant.


Perhaps this funny and wacky situation many gamers have experienced, one way or another to be able to play the game without being nagged, annoyed or forbidden by the lover. This can also be considered a high opinion that many people have to learn, but don’t be as clumsy as the guy above so that in the end, you will have to get a more “bitter” ending!

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