The Phenomenon – Holding the phone to hunt ghosts in the horror masterpiece Mobile

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Horror game always direct gamers to a single purpose.. that is to run and run. At all costs you have to run… must escape the monstrous silhouettes carrying a mad thirst for blood chasing behind. But The Phenomenon It’s different.. simply because this Mobile Game title will push you into terrifying ghost hunting journeys, situations that face directly with spiritual forces from the afterlife.


In The Phenomenon, gamers will play the role of Barry Nellan – a famous paranormal researcher in the world. With his judgment and special tools, Barry takes on the task of investigating an abandoned hospital… which is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a nurse.

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But the writer said, The Phenomenon is not a survival horror game where gamers do everything to run away from monstrous things. With the task of a paranormal investigator, the player must discover and find a way to destroy any force that tries to harm humans. Therefore, throughout the length of the game, the player must collect belongings and clues to find the weak point as well as the reason that the ghost is haunting this place, from there face them.


The map of The Phenomenon also has a huge area, up to 3 square kilometers with hundreds of different types of objects. It is because of such a huge amount of content that the game allows gamers to tinker with all the possibilities that they have.. brings a rather unique horror experience on the Game Mobile village.


It’s been a long time, it’s time for a horror fan to enjoy this unique product on Mobile by download games for free directly here:

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